DME's Monrian Born Christmas Outfit


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Alya Drahr had sent me a PM in the game wanting photos of my Monrian Born Christmas outfit for a fashion site she's putting together, so after some struggles with camera stuff I finally got the front and back shots.

This is my Monrian Born shirt with the Essi Evening Gown textured in Tiarak, a mob from Arkadia. I decided to create a bit of a unique background and set up a Christmas Tree on the landing at the edge of my pool in the penthouse so that I would also have the colors of the big rock formation, the new sparkly webbing on the dome, the outer galaxy, and the reflection in the pool water.

Entropia 2019-12-23 15-53-38-84.png

Entropia 2019-12-23 15-54-22-23.png
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