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I recently got my Official Wormhole Chip and have been doing some testing for ideas I have on how to use it to benefit the community. There are guidelines from MA of course, and I won't break any rules, no matter how much you sweet talk me. :p

I've also been giving feedback to my MA contact on the chip (per his request), because the timing while active is quite lengthy (10 minutes), so this is being looked into. However, the wormhole works just fine and a few of our community members have been helping to do the testing ... first on Toulan and then at DSEC9.

I got permission to test the chip between DSEC9 and Toulan since DSEC9 is on the Toulan server, because I had it in mind to maybe explore a potential crossover event with the team, which is something that has been thought about for a while, but of course it's been super busy for Ant and Kendra.

I did the wormhole test today and got the message - "cannot create interplanetary wormholes" - so I'm going to take that as a no ... perhaps my MA contact was unaware of this when he gave me permission, but that's totally fine, because I also happened to think that back in the day, there was someone who used the wormhole chip between Calypso and I think CND at the time, and I believe was temp banned as a result ... I forgot about that. There were no planets at the time.

I also tested the wormhole chip between DSEC9 and Monria to rule that out too and it wasn't successful, but I don't have any issue with this whatsoever. If this is a permanent restriction, then it makes sense, because there are more wormhole chips out there besides the Official Wormhole Chip. At least the testing ruled this out and I can give the feedback to MA. This doesn't mean we don't keep thinking about the crossover event, but again, the team is really busy and this would be something for more in the future. This idea reminded me of a 5-week event we did in the past called Monria's Round Robin Tournament. If we did something similar, it would have to be totally restructured as a result of MA's Entropia Universe Official Policy Regarding Participant Organized Events. If we are able to put something like this together again while adhering to MA's Policy, it won't be for a while, so patience is required.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the Official Wormhole Chip testing ... and thank you to all who participated ...

Entropia 2024-02-24 19-17-27-22--OfficialWormholeTest.png
Entropia 2024-02-25 14-48-36-40.png
This was the first wormhole from the Citadel to FnF​
And this from the Citadel back to the FnF​
Entropia 2024-02-25 14-13-07-88.png
Entropia 2024-02-27 15-43-13-25.png
This was the 2nd wormhole to FnF​
Monria Mining Camp​
Entropia 2024-02-27 15-43-24-32.png
Entropia 2024-02-27 15-47-10-68.png
Monria Mining Camp​
Monria Boxing Ring & Wang's Pet Stable at the Military Camp​
Entropia 2024-02-28 14-27-18-70.png
Entropia 2024-02-28 14-26-38-19.png
At the entrance to Mountain of Madness from DSEC9/Elara​
You can see Dea going through the wormhole.​

I will be giving some thought to how we can use this to enhance our local events, such as transporting groups at the Mountain of Madness doing the Shrine event and getting their Elder Gods Suit, to the entrance of the mountain to continue with the other dynamic events. Especially if it was a first time experience with the dynamic events, and it would help to not delay waiting on anyone to get started. This would also help with small groups (under 5 players) who needed to do a TP run.

On Toulan, I thought about transporting a group from Guardian Village out to Sandy Shores after the beginning of the monthly Toulan event to take on the extra Evolved Wahesh Supreme bosses that Queen Nara usually spawns out there.

At this point, I'm glad that we were able to test things in order to pass on the results to my MA contact who was gracious and helpful in this process.

And again, thanks to all who participated in the testing so we at least knew what we would be capable of with the wormhole chip. :thumbsup
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