DSEC-9 Dynamic Events Group Hunt Sunday November 13 at 15:00


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Hi fellow players! The Knights of Entropia Society invite you to join us for a group hunt in DSEC-9 TOMORROW, Sunday, November 13th at 15:00 game time (that's 10 am Eastern for example). We'll meet on Monria at the Forensics TP and help you get to the event areas. We'll be doing 2 hunts, the first is "Defend the Shrine" (The reward for 100% contribution at Tier 3 of the event is a [The Order of the Elder Gods Suit (M)]. The second hunt will be "Prove Yourself to the Order (The Shub Spine)" (The reward for 100% contribution at Tier 2 is a [The Shub Spine (M)]. You'll need enough ammo for a few hours play, and we will do our best to help you get both items! See you there!!!!


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Hi Zim ... I'm glad you posted at the forum too, and when I saw your post on our VS Discord I quickly created a DSEC-9 Events Activities section at the forum and moved your thread here to the player-created DSEC-9 events.

I'll be there for as long as I can to guide if needed before my ship duties at 18:30 game time ... looking forward to this. :)


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Thanks to DME and everyone who joined in today to make the event fun and exciting! Most of us got the awesome items, and all of us had a blast! We're looking forward to coming again thanks to your excellent help!
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