EAG - How can you help new Monrian Borns?

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Note - 11th May 2020: Need to put a temporary hold on this program as I am not able to be in game on a regular basis. Covid-19 has tripled my IRL workload and leaves little room for EU or schedules. Will remove the hold once things start getting back to normal.

Hi all,

I have had a few enquiries into how people can help out with the EAG Sweat buying program.
While PED donations are always welcome to increase the fund, I would prefer it instead if people would consider purchasing items crafted that used the sweat purchased under the program.

That way, not only do you help those new players on the moon, but you also get something for your PED as well.

I have already used some of the sweat purchased to craft all those welding wire BP's i had sitting around in storage. Although i ended up with well over 5000 clicks, luck was not on my side and i did end up down 108.80 PED. I have therfore put 34 stacks of 50K welding wire in the shop at +3.20ped each to cover this loss.

I would appreciate any generous players who wish to help fund this program in some way, to take a trip to my store and purchase one of these stacks. The PED from every stack sold will go straight back into the program.

Now not all is a complete loss, I did happen to do a Vehicle RK5 run of 54 clicks (which was not part of the EAG sweat buying fund, it was my own funds/cost) and ended up breaking even.
So to help combat the above average price of the welding wire, I have priced the RK5's at a good discount.
Please pick one of these up as you are purchasing some welding wire to help offset your own costs.

Hopefully one person doesn't just come in and buy all the RK5's (without buying any welding wire stacks) and people limit themselves to one per welding wire stack, but i cannot control this so please get in quick if you wish to donate to the program.


There will be more crafting runs of different items using the sweat from the fund, and i will post each time i put some into my shop for those who wish to help support their fellow Monrian Born's.

If people have suggestions for the program, feel free to message me in-game or on this forum.

Your fellow Monrian - Darth Revan.
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