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EAG (Entropia Acquisition Group) Loyalty Program

UPDATE: This program is now on hold as I am not able to be in game on a regular basis. Those with outstanding balances can contact me via message to arrange a time to collect.

Starts 26th Feb 2020

The EAG is starting up a loyalty program to reward those who frequently purchase item(s) in our Monria Hub Shop # 4, Floor 3. You will receive back 5% of the MU paid on any ArMatrix item in the form of EAG points. These EAG points can be traded for PED (1 point:1 PED ratio) or for direct trade of any item(s) in the store.

Minimum withdrawal is 10 EAG Points (value 10 PED) and the trade will be done by Darth Revan Reborn.
You can save up your points or cash them out as soon as you hit 10 EAG points.
If the item has an MU of 50 or more, you will recieve a x2 multiplier on the EAG points earned for that item, essentially doubling your point value.

We are using a point system so that we can be flexible and offer incentives at different times/events.

Examples of how you earn points:

You purchase an ArMatrix BC-45 rifle that has a TT value of 95 PED and an MU value of 16 PED, you will earn 16 x 0.05 = 0.8 EAG points.

You purchase an ArMatrix LR-55 rifle that has a TT value of 115 PED and an MU value of 50 PED, you will earn 50 x 0.05 = 2.50 EAG Points x 2 multiplier (MU of 50+) = Total 5 EAG Points earned (5 PED value).

How can we offer this? Are we just increasing our prices?
No - our prices will remain competitve with the Auction House to encourage players to use the shops on Monria instead of bringing items from Calypso. We are taking the cost we would usually spend on Auction House Fees and putting it towards this program.

How do i sign up?
You do not need to sign up or register, all participants who purchase an item from the shop will be automatically enrolled. An ingame message will be sent to you.

How do i check my balance? (Updated 8th September 2020)

I have created an online spreadsheet to track balance's. I will update this monthly. No messages will be sent out anymore so it is up to you to check your balance. These balances do not expire.
EU - EAG Loyalty Program

  • Earning potential is subject to change at any time.
  • Withdrawal minimum is subject to change at any time. Currently minimum amount required to withdrawal/trade is 10 points (10 PED value).
  • Direct trade for item means TT value plus MU value (ie. total you would pay in PED for the item at the store).
  • Points earned on MU does not include the small shop fee that goes to the Monria owner. Please take this into account if you are trying to buy something that has 50+ MU value to get the multiplier.
  • Multipliers are per item, you cannot buy multiple items under 50+ MU each and compound them together to get a x 2 multipler (50+ MU)
  • If program is dis-continued, all current point values will be paid out on a 1 point:1 PED ratio, regardless of whether the minimum withdrawal amount has been reached.
  • Multipliers are subject to change at any time but any purchases prior to the change will be honored at previous value.
  • We reserve the right to remove participants from this program for any reason. Those removed in this fashion will have their points forfeit.
  • We reserve the right to make changes at any time, any purchaces prior to the change will fall under the previous point rules/earnings.
  • Balance's do not expire.
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