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This section of the forum that relates to the Lotus Temple Instances will eventually be filled in with more specific information as it is available. I can't play the game as an official, so I have to rely on community members to report their experiences with regard to more specific details. However, the mobs in the Lotus Temple Instances are all Toulan Mobs, and each Toulan Mob (as well as any of the mobs at our 3 locations) have their own individual threads with more detailed information, including a Loot Table that was compiled based on the reporting from players and what they looted.

Until we can collect the necessary information and create individual Lotus Temple Instance threads, there is a complete breakdown of information regarding these instances in the December 2021 Virtualsense Quarterly magazine.

In the meantime, questions about the Lotus Temple Instances can be asked in this thread, or create your own titled thread with specifics. in this section.

There have been many who have done the Lotus Temple Instances who have been helpful to others, but mainly in the Monria Chat Channel in the game, but I know if questions are asked here, they would be helpful as well.

This is a new section, so let's see if your questions can be answered.

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anyone else ever ran a team silver, and recived no gold molten? ran it last night, no gold for either team member, first time thats happened to me...
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