Enough of the vehicle ban!

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Toulan Devs

Every time I visit this planet I find it frustrating that I cant use my vehicles to explore or get to difficult to reach places. I understand if you only want Toulan vehicles, but please release them or lift the vehicle ban.


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It's fair to say I've been vehicle enthusiast since their first introduction - and living without vehicles is, to me, the biggest sacrifice I've made by choosing to stay on Toulan full time. However, with vehicles, Toulan would be way too small. This exploring you talk about is quite rich on Toulan, precisely because of the vehicle ban.

Toulan is just a single server area. Next Island, not even counting Ancient Greece, is 5 times the size. The content on Toulan is very dense and that, combined with the geography, makes it feel much larger. Zooming around in Valks and Quads would destroy that sense of space.

If you want to really explore Toulan, think of old-school, pre-vehicle EU - stock up on Mind Essence and go. It takes longer - but it's not that a big a place.



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I agree with the "I like the No Vehicle" bandwagon... it is great to actually get out and explore and see things up close and personal that you would never notice flashing by in a vehicle.

And its actually exciting trying to find away around the big mobs, and think your way out of trouble.

Bring on the challenges.. I love em :p


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I would prefer that vehicles are banned but like that there should be teleporter at every revival point to ease people's exploring to the planet.
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The whole design of Toulan evolves over time, and I hear about Nawa operated Vehicles being tested at this time.

Thanks for your feedback, keep the valued input coming.
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