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Entropia Universe and ComPet Pet Trading

We are pleased to announce that the revolutionary new system enabling Entropia Universe players to supply pets to ComPet players in return for PED will be available soon.

The first tradeable cross-platform pets will be ‘level-up pets’: pets that can only be used for levelling up existing pets in ComPet. ComPet players will be able to level up their pets faster using this method, so this will create a market for trained ‘level-up pets’ within Entropia Universe.

The ability to transfer ‘regular pets’ from (and to) ComPet will be introduced in future releases.

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Don't get too excited. The price you pay to up a pet, .vs. what one can do it for in compet, the only people who will be interested are the I want it NOW crowd. That will quickly die out because as of now the game has serious balancing issues and many are very upset with it.

Lets see if a few months down the road MA fixes things and it's a better deal.

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