Entropia Universe Release Notes 16.0.0


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Well it seems I won’t be playing as often, or spending as much on EU as I used to, thanks to the new update.

I had my interface set up so I could play with just a few mouse clicks, now I have to hunker over the keyboard to play.

I used to play after work, just to relax, but no more, now playing is more like work, and there seems to be no way around it. So instead of playing some nearly everyday, it will be more like once a week or so now.

Hopefully MA will bring back some of the functionality they discarded. From what I have seen on other forums, at least ½ of the player base is not happy with the changes.

Still can not delete old buttons, or the new ones they put on my interface for no good reason. So I have two sets of buttons taking up space. More buttons, less functionality.

The F key is picky at best, only doing what you want it to some of the time. When hunting large numbers of weak mobs, where you get surrounded, it becomes nearly impossible to loot your kills. Can’t target the mob right behind you, unless you turn around is a real pain for melee fighters that like to got into the thick of it. Again, it takes two hand just to play, and not very relaxing. Even moving now takes two hands to get around unless in wide-open spaces.

So as much as I like this game, it seems I will have to go back to some of the other games I used to play, if I want to relax and play a game after work.
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