Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ


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Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

Press Release: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5

Q: When does MindArk plan on migrating Entropia Universe over to Unreal Engine 5?
A: Development of the Unreal Engine 5 version of Entropia Universe is already underway. However, no target release date has yet been determined or announced. Keep an eye out for future announcements on the Entropia Universe official website.

Q: Will the current version of Entropia Universe continue receiving updates during the Unreal Engine 5 development period?
A: Yes. New content will continue to be developed and released for Entropia Universe by MindArk and the planet partners during the Unreal Engine 5 development period.

Q: What exciting new features will be included in the Unreal Engine 5 version of Entropia Universe?
A: MindArk plans to release numerous previews and sneak peeks during the Unreal Engine 5 development process. Stay tuned to MindArk’s various communications channels for more info.

Q: What will the minimum system requirements be for the Unreal Engine 5 Entropia Universe client?
A: While the final system requirements for the Unreal Engine 5 Entropia Universe client are not yet determined, MindArk is aiming for the following: Windows 10 64-bit, Quad-core Intel or AMD processor 2.5 GHz or faster, 8 GB of RAM, DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 compatible graphics card. Some features or options may require better hardware for optimal performance.

Q: Can I continue using the current Entropia Universe client after the migration to Unreal Engine 5?
A: Once the Unreal Engine 5 client is released, the previous (current) CryEngine2 client will no longer be active or available.

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And just as a heads up ... all the information that is known right now is in the press release and the FAQs, but be sure to stay tuned to the MA and EU websites for updates. I will make sure they get posted here as well.

Eleni Von Estlla

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Im really happy to hear the news!
I always known the game as it looks now, and to be honest, the graphics were a bit of a shock when i joined back.

I hope that this is a wake up call from MA and they will also put a stop to this lazy 20yo copy/paste policy, of making new gear with prehistoric models (no offense to older player <3 ), which is extremely frustrating.
Seeing a 80k to 160k weapon looking just like a TT weapon is sad.
And more than one animation per weapon, using a sword like a frying pan just gets old.

While i totally ignore the work involved, most modders in other games will provide model mods for fun, and for free.
Like i said in Speedtrap channel: ‘’Happy Mayhem event! Enjoy our brand new Merry mayhem 2021 Rifle, Its a copy pasted rubio by the by, which is a copy of our TT rifle, but also a copy of our Opalo. Happy event! ‘’

So i am really happy to see that they finally stopped trying to make silly side project, and are now fully focused onto the game itself.

Very good news, very reassuring for us, on the other side, and delighted to see things moving the very right way!

Very exiting to live my first game upgrade!

Littlestar b-k

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Sounds great. I do hope they wil do alot more testing then previus releases of updated gfx engines and don't release it until all parts work instead of not including them at all.
I also hope the copy paste will end but honestly doubt that wil ever happen.
I do wonder if we'll get the new ui update before the changes.
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