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I have made a new tool on EntropiaHub.com and I wanted to get some feedback before I push it live for the world to see :D

Let me know if my math is correct!

Have a great day!
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Hey Morrath

First of all I'm very stooopid when it comes to finance (which is Why Ant doesn't let me near the purse strings) so please forgive my comments if they're totally absurd.

In saying that I don't really understand what the calculator does. Could you add an explqaination for those of us who would find it a bit tricky? :)

If you put in 100 PED and check weekly and click on show me is the result the amount of shares you would need to own to make that amount?

Also it would be cool if you could do it backwards, like put in the amount of shares you currently own and it would tell you what it earns per week/year etc? just a suggestion.

Also purple ugh really..... ONLY JOKING 🤣


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If I want an income of ten PED a week from deeds, the webpage suggests 2 CLD's, which would be 5ped per deed per week, I dont think they pay that much.

Also, 7000 AUD's, I believe would give me a lot more than 10 PED a week dividend.

It's a useful tool, but I think the numbers might need tweaking a bit.

Kind Regards :)

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Hello Morrath,

I think its great that you are taking time to come up with alot of entropia related tools in one site.
Its really an entropia hub :thumbsup

Regarding the tool
I tried it on CPs because thats what i own atm and have personal experience with
UI is awesome once you figure it out but math seems to be a bit on the wrong side.
PS: I love the color scheme of your site​

I will try to explain with two comparison tables

CP paybackIncome to aquireDeed number

Whereas it should be

CP paybackIncome to aquireDeed number

I thought monthly would work as 30 days but i see its 28 days.
I assume the math error lies in the formula because when you test 7-14-28 PEDs as income to acquire it multiplies by 4 instead it should be the same so think this is a case of 2*2 instead of 2/2 somewhere in the formula

You also set CPs at a fixed return of 1 pec per share per week but looking at the data at entropialoot CP paid %4.61 interest per year when buy price is estimated at 18.91(29.04; 15:23 GMT+0 time) so it comes at around 1.676 per week per share.

Also maybe for CLD when try to dial in low amount it could show the amount of deeds required in decimals ?

Nevertheless this is a great idea and a great tool :)
Thank you for doing this


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Thank you so much for all the feedback - very useful for me to fix my tool - and add a reverse income deeds option. I Will let you know when I have a fix.
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