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Between September 2010 and June 2011, I was part of the EntropiaTimes magazine staff with my original avatar (MindStar9 -- currently on ice while I'm in my official Monria/Toulan role), and we published 4 issues of the magazine.

These magazine issues are jam-packed with great articles, profiles, VIP interviews, and content that gives a view of the community and what was happening at the time. It was a quarterly labor of love that was very labor-intensive, but incredibly rewarding once we went to press.

Real life copies were offered with each publication, but are no longer available. They still have a prominent place on my coffee table, and make for some interesting conversation.

Following are the 4 issues of the EntropiaTimes Magazine in PDF format that you can open in a new tab and read, or download for your reading pleasure at a later time. Right click on the link below each issue graphic and open in a new tab.



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