Entry Level Weapons for Sweat


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I have happened upon a weapons cache, that I want to trade for sweat. They would be ideal for hunting TabTabs or the Juveniles outside Guardian Village that make noise at all hours of the day:-

Mawlood Recruit Eagle / Rubio175 sweat
Mawlood Recruit Hawk / Azuro1100 sweat
Modec VXT1001100 sweat
Shayeb S102500 sweat
Omegaton B101800 sweat
Fanoos Medical V1200 sweat
Oil (stack of 50)800 sweat
Nutrio Bar (stack of 100)1100 sweat

I can often be found at Guardian Village from 20:00-23:00 game time.
I'll try and restock when I run low, but I might not always have all items.

In Game Name: Kirk Kinkie Hotwood
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I will keep the following ad running throughout each month until you tell me to stop. :)

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