EP1 crafting return benefit should not be stopped


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i have been crafting ep1 for a while 110% tt return is nothing because of the below:
1- it needs a long crafting session between 6 to 7 hours to get a return and it is not a 110% for that amount of time.
2- to do so you need an ep1 bp that costs 80 90 peds if 1.0 qr and at least lvl 5 mechanical engineer( to get this level you have to spend peds in repairing cars and spaceships)
3- you need to get this bp to qr 100 it will costs you lot of peds though
4- you need at least 100 peds in you wallet to be able to do that long session
5-you are consuming electricity by keeping ur pc/laptop running all the time

conclusion: all the above requirements make you spend 400 to 500 peds to get what? small amount of experience and 110% tt return OVER THE TIME SPENT? and this will leads to decrease toulan population in my opinion.

All the above are just my thoughts correct me if im wrong :)
sorry for the bad english it is not my native language :D

Eleni Von Estlla

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This issue has been reported many times, and i am sure Mindark is well aware of it.
Returns are not controlled by Planet Partners, so there is little VS team can do about it.

HERE is the patchnote of loot 2.0 which explains the game design as for today.

"Many of the features and systems added over the past few years have gradually led to this update, which will significantly improve overall loot returns for the vast majority (upwards of 98%) of participants. "

Regarding repairing ships, this is an activity which is part of your personal plans. It is your own decision to do so, it is your own decision to spend PEDs to do so, and you are well aware that you will not get any loot back doing so. You do it to skill up, and MA is then not entitled to pay you back for this.

Regarding your points,
  1. Regardless the amount of hours spent on an activity, garanteed 100%+ TT return is a serious issue.
  2. The MU a player pay on a Blueprint is a matter of two players decisions, and does not involve either PP or MA. Technically, its value at 100QR is 1PED.
  3. Every activities in Entropia is designed to cost Peds, even sweating, through damage.
  4. Matter of decisions to use PEDs or not, garanteed TT return simply goes against the game design itself.
  5. Every players in Entropia spend electricity to play, and should not be entitled to 100%+ TT return.
If i follow your reasoning, me shooting 100PED ammo for 7 hours, should give me 100%+ TT return.
This is clearly not how the game is designed, and EU would shut within days if this was the case.

The only 100% garanteed benefit activity is sweating, as the game is designed, even though a player taking damage technically spends.
Goes along with fruit walking, picking at rigs, or healing service for decay, if you get a tip.

My guess is that, MA only can make a decision about this, and when it comes to money, they usually act pretty fast.

Hope this helps,

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Littlestar b-k

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It was a big deal how many players were taking advantage of said "benefit"
It was obvious the day after it was fixed as all outpost and city crating terminals were abandoned.
It may not seem like alot but those doing this non stop gained a great deal at the expense of others, the constant tt+ has to come from someones pocket.
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