Error with mission "Give me your Karmoosh Lateef"


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Regarding mission "Give Me Your Karmoosh Lateef" by NPC Kenda

Sorry for the inconvenience with this error, we're fixing it asap.

Until fix arrives, anyone who gives their Karmoosh Lateef pet to NPC Kenda and does not get (Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key)

Please post here, with your full avatar name, or send it to me via private message, for compensation.

Thanks and sorry again!


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the key was had, just some of us was not high enought lvl tamer to even try, others did have the lvl but the mob dosnt heal enought, the math dosnt add up. but we had a lot of fun. We killed a tonnes of the mobs, just a bit sad it was all standard tabtab loot


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