February news letter 2022

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Now on to the news letter... Ohh boy haven't made one of these for ages but here goes. I know the event has been a bit well patchy with me missing events and whole weeks going without events this has been down to a whole lot of mishaps

  1. A mess up with my antidepressant and mood enhancers that left me with no meds over Christmas
  2. Shame from a drunken outburst I had that cost me my VCAT membership as I was self medicating with alcohol
  3. Suicide attempt (this one we don't need to discuss but it ended up with my laughing maniacally on the upstairs landing floor with a makeshift noose round my neck and a busted bedroom door catch we need not discuss this more)
  4. Telling my parents I like men (coming out the closet)
  5. Became a born again Christian and am helping out my local church
  6. deciding to switch from a catering career to a career in IT ((which is a good thing some of you may know why i quit catering and it is the same reasons I have mental health problems now
  7. Blown router, yes the week we where meant to have the Winter hunt in January the internet died in my house
  8. and lastly my uncle who I'm close with fell off the roof of his house fixing something up there instead of waiting for the roofer he's in a stable but critical condition and is waiting to be stable enough to be moved closer... not ideal traveling over 40 miles to visit
So to be fair lets just say I've had emotional ups and downs the last two months but found myself on the other side also I would not recommend going cold turkey off antidepressant, worse experience of my life... Also going to ask DME to lock this post because it probably be locked it's kind of a pretty raw news letter but it's been a pretty raw couple of month and I'm not writing this for sympathy or anything like that. I basically can't stand people feeling sorry for me and I don't play the victim this is just a lowdown on what has been going on... sh*t happens and I am moving on from it... Anyway but yeah that is basically why HSSC/FFSI has been all over the place the last couple of months and why no news letters have been coming out... Ohh and when after my drunk drunken outburst I went to next island spent over half the hunt money on a hunt, something I am not proud of but with everything happening I fought to get the PED back so this hunt can go ahead... Hope everyone who comes will enjoy the Toulan 2023 winter hunt
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