Feedback from players collected this weekend


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We talket about several things and some people have offered some thoughts in pm´s i promised to write some of it on forum.

The event this weekend has had a good turnout and people had fun at the attack on guardian village. there where less bad situations where mobs camped the revive, wheter this was something changed or just better and more people we dont know.

We have notised thats no mobs on toulan or dsec9 has the 4th tier codex options, thats the one that offers things like analysis and zoology.

CUHOF´s are still a huge loss every run, even at 1000% for mirsal its a drain, and many people avoid it for that reason. math comes out as a steady 80% of peds cycled. And thers no or very very few items to ofset the cost.

dsec9 drops of both armor and hdd´s seems very low, 6 hdds has been recorded in almost 2 months, making the set out of reach of completion for the time being.

The need for bigger and better items in loot, and UL versions is still a huge talking point, and is mentioned as reasons that people arent attending.

The storyline is nice, people talk about it, and are exited to see what comes next, and toulan and monria borns finaly having pants is just right.

just a few late night thoughts, and as always feel free to ask me to elaborate and or explain my own positions or try and present what has been said to me.


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id also, like to add ive been trying to slow on posts lol but, figured since i saw this might as pool resources together lol So, here i go:

So, when out killing things around Toulan weapon drops when they do finally drop theyre barely useful for example killing Jeef's they dropped a Salafa G4 (L) this gun has 7.7dps which isnt exactly something your going to be hunting Jeef's with and this is only one example of many things out there Wahesh dropping things like this also, something you'd never use against the mobs you're fighting. I'm still very new and maybe this is parallel with the rest of the game but, from what i've heard from ppl its not the consensus which imo make it unique to Toulan.

Now I understand the theme is more of a sword theme but if this is the case maybe we could get drops that are melee weapons that could actually perform against the mobs we're fighting. obviously we'd probably want guns too for the mass population of the game but, maybe more melee to fit the theme? idk. I'd also, love to see UL items like many ppl would to compete with almost every planet in that regard id assume thats a harder task to accomplish but, idk.

Better efficiency swords out there. If our theme is say swords tbh id like our theme to be swords/knives but, either way if our theme is swords I feel our swords should at least be comparable to other planets but, we get beat out by many. I looked to see if we even have high eff. swords i havent seen which Ophidian Blade M4 (L)i found that series ive never seen in AH or anything so, i assume maybe its legacy? Personally i just feel we are being outperformed by planets thats theme isnt "sword" thats basically the point.
Like many ppl we would love to see Toulan have that "uber" item ie horns in Monria etc. im sure its coming but, figured id post anyways.

I'll leave at this last part. as like every one we love seeing new things but, i feel with the "rarity" of the things released i feel might be investigated or if that was intentional but, that new amp we received still not discovered just imo seems odd especially since the big crafter like Soul even gave it a go without success which imo seems like a flag maybe worth investigating? but, then we also, recieved UL baraka armor which everyone seems pumped for but, with the TT return of CuHof like Hally mentions here theres to many things that leave ppl not wanting to continue through cuhof. and if ppl want to say grind for Baraka UL with everything working against them its so, rare to drop for an items that is comparable if not worse to what u get from graduating mentorship. for example once released I feel Eleni grinded CuHof constantly lol and she managed to received 1 piece which was actually recently. Maybe this was intended? maybe not just thought id point it out.

Now this was a very long post i understand that which is why ive been holding off >< but, if you get to the end of this thank you fr reading the entirety of this and yes I know this isn't all going to be fixed overnight. I know some if not most wont be solved fast. But, if its out there maybe itll help with ideas in the future. Im sure if you're reading this ur already aware of some of this already anyways and probably already in the plan of everything. again like always thank you for what you do and I look forward to whats to come :D
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