FFSI/HSSC June 2022 Update


Hey there peoples it's update time again... Firstly I want to say I'm doing NI's reward scheme again this year so that is what I'm doing with my two weeks there and I want to welcome Rocktropia into our FFSI/HSSC family but what does this mean for the event? For the next 5months I think the event reward scheme has left on NI, I'm going to have to keep my two weeks there to make sure I qualify so the two weeks allocated to Toulan is going to have to be split for now... Yes for now because after NI's reward scheme has finished I'll be swinging Toulan back onto 2 weeks of FFSI/Hssc event and the following two weeks will be split between NI and RT... I just need to update both NI/Toulan event page (Forum page) and find out if the RockTropia forum site is still being moderated if not I'd continue to use the toulan and NI pages to promote my event there or cut out the middle man and use the Calyso forums... and I think that is it... Any questions post them down below


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It might be best to use the Caly forum at the point you're ready to advertise for the Rocktropia event because you'll reach more people there, and I think they have an Other Planets section there too. This of course is if the RT forum isn't an option.
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