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Just arrived at Toulan, ive played this game for a long time, ive taken some breaks and Toulan came to light while i was away, recently thanks to the streamer Bonnie i Discovered that despite what i har heard and how it looks at this forum, the planet isnt dead and gone, so ive decided to give it a chance. So today i arrived, and i must say sofar ive had a blast, the planet is beutifull, the beginners missions instructions are clear and they give you the locations on the map. I met friendly people and we ran some instances I have my nawacore, some parts for the mk2, first silver tokens for the cards, and a plan what to do next.

But reading these forums I have my doubts, seems things are progressing very slowly, thers problems with the loot ongoing for years, the bigger events with special mobs spawning are suspended for over a year. And as a semi veteran I have to wonder if thers any greatness to be found here, is there a chance I will one day loot something magnificent here ? Have anyone looted something truly awesome ? Are the devs still listening, and why is the Facebook and forum so devoid of life ?

Tomorrow I’ll run a few CUHOFF missions solo, see if I can find something nice. I hope to see people ingame and I’ll try and drag some people in to experience this place, for its to good to keep going unnoticed


Me Really Never

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so far the only "awesome" loot available is ESIs. and those very infrequently. theres nothing really significant in loot anymore. toulan was once a good spot for cool hides and paints which dropped in big amounts and were worth it but since loot 2.0 this is broken and doesnt get fixed.
like half a year ago they added a mall with shops and apartments and there is still not a single word about how those get distributed. if you thought calys development is slow you will be truly amazed on how much slower things can progress :D
before the armatrix series the weapons you could loot had nice eco but since loot 2.0 they are far behind the armatrix series. so theres basically nothing special about toulan anymore and with the speed of development there might be something worth doing here in like 5 years.

it makes me really sad to see this potential going to waste. i wonder if there are just no devs anymore or whay this is going insanely slow. i mean between slightly bigger updates on this planet i can develop whole games all by myself...
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