Flora and Fauna Instance extension OR cost change - It is currently too expensive


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I really like the idea of the instances at Flora and Fauna, infact the TT cost is not unreasonable for the entrance fees, however because of the high input cost it takes to create the nawacores it's hard to justify using these instances. For example, the raider feffoid instance costs roughly 7 PED after markup to enter for a 1 hour instance. This is kind of an insane fee when considering that there are so many other planets with instances at much more reasonable costs or FREE.


Cyrene - Free instances for many mobs (tide claw, paneleon etc.)
Next Island/AG - 1000 sweat cost to enter a 6 hour instance for molochs
Calypso - Free for neomex, marcimex, thori etc.
Rocktropia - No free instances, but there are native spawns of caly mobs scattered all throughout in non-taxed land areas.

So please consider extending the instances to 5 or 6 hours so the cost can be justified more, or at least change the cost of the materials required to enter so that it is not such a burden on the playerbase (Something that has low or reasonable MU). I would suggest ores or enmatter that exist on toulan without many uses. Perhaps add a new blueprint that crafts these into a key of some sort, anything thats less MU than what we pay now.

Cheers :)
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