Found ShadowDragonV's Secret Virtualsense Codex Entries.

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We all know she's beaten up Ant in the boxing ring a few times but never expected it to already have reached the repeatable ranks! i wonder truely what that's sitting on now...


Seems there is evidence of Shadow knocking DME out of Toulan's PvP ring, but once you become immortal it seems to bug the systems up a bit.


The evlusive Kendra, not even sure HOW Shadow got this right, must've been waiting for that perfect moment..


Yes, there is one missing entry still, must be some kind of easter-egg, since i don't think they have been online long enough for Shadow to coerce into a boxing ring.


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OMG ... so THIS is what your secret project is and why you needed photos, LOL ... this is absolutely BRILLIANT ... can't wait for Ant and Kendra to see it, they will crack up. You guys are "too kewel for skewl" :thumbsup ... I agree with Avum ...

Just awesome LOL :cheer:yourock:cheer
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