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Gratz on the global last night DME! :)
Thanks, I think ... this is totally weird because first, you posted this thread in Ant's Ask Me Anything section of the forum (I moved it), and second, I have NO idea what global you're talking about because I had several yesterday on Yogs.

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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Seeing as this was originally in the AMA section, I think I'll answer the questions not asked.

DME is a player with a single avatar, MS9 (her former avatar) was put on ice by my request so she is free to play and global as she sees fit. We have a commercial agreement that includes a PED payment for her to use at her discretion and I encourage this to be used to play the game but more often than not she blows it giving away freebies to people :)

MFM is an avatar I requested for Virtualsense (my company) from Mindark to be used to administer the free flight program that I fund. This is completely transparent and monitored by MA. It is administered by myself, @Dark Moon Enigma, @Kendra or @Pusherman, its sole purpose is to manage the Yamato and is controlled by representatives of my company. Admittedly it is mostly managed by @Dark Moon Enigma and as we all know she does most of the work around here!!!

I'm sure nobody thinks there is anything untoward going on here but thought I would just spell it out before the conspiracies start.

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