Greetings Toulan


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Welcome to Toulan and the forum :)


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Hello Elisha :hi ... Welcome to Toulan and the rest of our Virtualsense universe ... we had a nice chat during the warp schedule yesterday, and I have also visited your large apartment on Toulan ... wow, it's really decorated nicely, and since you have a shopkeeper in your apartment, I'm going to set you up with your dedicated section in the Toulan shop area of the forum and get your inventory put together to be added to the Toulan Shop Inventory Tool database to make it available to the community.

I'll send you a forum PM with instructions on what to do next.

Elisha Rial

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Thousand thanks all, Toulan have a very nice community , and people, i must say i have falled in love with Toulan big time :)
with all the stuff added here and stuff very nice indeed :)
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