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Thank you for checking my post.
I understand this type of service is not new in the game but it seems like some player may see the benefit of it.

What service?
Low Level Grind Service for Hunting, Mining, and Crafting

Hunting: I am currently thinking low level grinds on mobs for specific loots and also instance run to loot item/token (as you need to run numerous hours to collect enough tokens) I am thinking something players would like to collect but mobs are too small for them. (example; mobs under L10, CUHOF01)

Mining: Mining for specific ore/enmatter or specifically selected area by players. I can use F-101, F-102, F-105 for different depth to search and I am maxed out on both ore/enmatter for those 3 finders.

Crafting: The crafting can be semi-afk but can take huge amount of time when you try to do over 1000 attempts. I will click many attempts as requested for the final product, sub-product, residue and blueprint players may be looking for.

How it works?
Hunting: Client to pick the mob/instance, discuss the gear to be used then I will grind up to the amount requested. Ammo and decay cost to be provided by the client.
Mining: Client to select ore/enmatter to be searched for or area to be mined for. Also, they can select the equipment to be used. Prove and decay cost to be provided by the client.
Crafting: Client to select blueprint to be used and amount of attempt to be made. Material to be provided by the client.
All loots and finds are returned to the clients and there is no additional charge for the service as I am gaining skill as a reward.

Why use this service?
The service is for players who would like specific loot (material/resource/item/token/bp) from certain mobs, areas or instances but would rather not spend their time on such a small mobs/instance or mining to obtain those loots.

How to make sure (Ideas, if you have different methods, I am always welcome to adopt)
I can create excel sheets, take screenshots, video or post on stream to be checked. If there is any other methods you would like to use to check, we can always discuss.

Please give me DM on the forum or in game [Balam Balam TheKing] for a further discussion.
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