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Hey all,
This was a work i wanted to do for a while, but i lacked goals to actually re-enter the Caves.
With the recent VU, i now have a reason to do them again, and made notes about those instances, and thought that i would share to help everyone understand how to access them, what you may find inside, and of course: what are the rewards.

cuhof title.png

First of all, this may surprise most of you, but a mission actually drives you to the Cuhof caves coordinates.

The Cuhof caves are situated inside a cliff, by a pond visible on the map, as a tiny blue mark [Planet Toulan, 136129, 93178, 111, Waypoint].


Then by the pond, look at the track on the grass, and follow them to the opening inside the cliff.

Once inside, youll discover many doors.

Entropia 2021-06-09 22.28.12.png

Each door is dedicated to a specific instance as follow:
  • Cuhof Begginer (Legacy and desactivated daily mission which rewarded a key)​
  • Cuhof 01​
  • Cuhof 02​
  • Cuhof 03​
  • Cuhof 04​
  • Cuhof 05​
  • Mystery Door (never has been used, and remained shut at all time.​

There are also Two NPCs inside the Cave, Yasmina, and Mullet
will grant the daily 3 attempts on a key.
Mullet will give you the hunting dailies for Cuhof maturities, and their rewards once completed.
Entropia 2021-06-09 23.07.39.png


Like most dailies on Toulan, Mullet will give you hourly dailies for hunting Cuhof creatures.
You will need the Nawacores to access the Cuhof daily missions.
As presented by Bonnie:
  • MK1 core will unlock Tabtab and Qaffaz CUHOF daily.
  • MK2 Core will unlock Mohkat Khaffash (and Duhol) CUHOF Daily.


Theres also 200 Tabtab CUHOF Daily.

Qaffaz reward : Aim
Mohkat reward : Dexterity
Khaffash reward : Perception
Duhol Reward : Handgun


To enter a Cuhof Door, you will either need a Cuhof Key, or a Nawa Cell.
Keys are crafted with Legacy Blueprints, again, not dropping anymore, but materials still drop.... erm... inside Cuhof.
Storytime! The Cuhof was originally designed with [Cuhof Key 01 Blueprint] at the technician, and then, the principle was to craft and grind the instance to loot key parts, blueprints, and work your way up, to access Cuhof 05, the highest and most rewarding (?) instance.
Nawa cells, just like for card instances, are used by looting Nawa fragments (Looted at Temple, or mined with TT finder), refining them in Shards, and refining those shards with 100 sweat for one Nawa Cell.
Since VS has now taken on the planet, significant changes have been made, things have to be discovered, and there is not, to day, an existing list of the lootable items in Cuhof.

A key is meant to give 3 attempts access for one said instance, throught the daily by Jasmina, by the fountain. (Exemple: Cuhof 02 key will give you 3 access to Cuhof 02 door) ~ ONLY once a day.

Cells amount are defined by the Cuhof number. 1x cell for Cuhof 01 / 5x Cells to enter Cuhof 05.

Once you have an access, reach one of the pod on the floor.
It is very unclear which does what ~ This has been addressed to VS recently, so look up for an adjustement.

To enter SOLO:
Usually, i use the one at the back to enter with Cells.
You'll need to create a team, alone, and click on the pod at the back.
This has also been addressed to VS.

Entropia 2021-06-03 17.46.23.png


Entropia 2021-06-01 20.57.47.png

Okay, that will be a bit tougher, and much, much, many much longer than a Card instance.
Enemies have more HPs, and theres up to 200 mobs per instance.
So be prepared, like, really prepared.

Theres a total of 3 hours to complete each instance, that overkill.
Be aware that the clock will keep ticking if you log off.
Though if you relog within the remaining time, youll respawn where you was, within your progress.
Just do not exeed the original timer. Online or offline, it will keep counting, and kick you, without refund, if exeeded.

Here are my data for time to complete an instance, overall cost, number of kills.

This has been done at ~70DPS, but melee, so a lot of running, and jumping.
Cost calculated in TT value, from EU website, as a Before entering and a Before looting comparaison.
Calculated this way, it all includes Weapons decay, ammos, armor decay, plates, healing, any TT value.
Though if you wear or use high MU L items, youll lose Markup'ed TT aswell.
Number of kills is always the same. I have had minor variations, but barely noticable.

  • Cuhof 01 : 9.30 minutes to complete > Cost 67 PED > Has 52 mobs
  • Cuhof 02 : 15 minutes to complete > Cost 107 PED > Has 81 mobs
  • Cuhof 03 : 35 minutes to complete > Cost 285 PED > Has 151 mobs
  • Cuhof 04 : 45 minutes to complete > Cost 373 PED > Has 197 mobs
  • Cuhof 05 : 50 minutes to complete > Cost 494 PED > Has 197 mobs


maturity will always be the boss.
All mobs count toward codex, with all of them having much more HP than their planetside counterparts.

Cuhof 01

Cuhof 02
cuhof 02.png

Cuhof 03
Cuhof 03.png

Cuhof 04
cuhof 04.png

Cuhof 05
Suspected 80% Impact / 20% Cold



Entropia 2021-06-06 17.21.16.png

Cuhof 01:
  • Shrapnels​
  • Misral Token​
  • Animal Hide​
  • Animal Muscle Oil​
  • Animal Eye Oil​
  • Animal Oil Residue​
  • Socket 2 Component​
  • Tabtab Hide​
  • Qaffaz hide​
  • Rotten Tabtab Tooth​
  • Hilqa Knife M2 (L)​
  • CUHOF Key Pins​
  • Paint Can Purple​
  • Fine Wool​

Cuhof 02:

  • Shrapnels
  • Misral Token
  • Animal Hide
  • Animal Thyroid Oil
  • Animal Eye Oil
  • Animal Muscle Oil
  • Animal Oil Residue
  • Nawacore MK3 Part B
  • Mohkat Hand
  • Mohkat Hide
  • Paint Can Brown
  • Paint Can Mauve
  • Sahra MK4 (L)

Cuhof 03:

  • Shrapnels
  • Misral Token
  • Animal Thyroid Oil
  • Animal Eye Oil
  • Animal Muscle Oil
  • Animal Oil Residue
  • Socket 1 Component
  • Socket 2 Component
  • Surface Hardener Component
  • Mohkat Hide
  • Mohkat Hand
  • Khaffash Hide
  • Khaffash Bone
  • Paint can green
  • Haris armor Harness (M,L)
  • Haris armor Harness (F,L)
  • Haris armor Helmet (M,L)
  • Haris armor Thigh Guard (F,L)
  • Dahkim G3 (L)
  • Paint can Green
  • Paint can Pink
  • Nawacore MK2 Part C
  • Nawacore MK3 Part C
  • CUHOF Key Ring
  • Ceiling Pendant Lamp Quad

Cuhof 04:

  • Shrapnels
  • Misral Token
  • Animal Hide
  • Animal Eye Oil
  • Animal Thyroid Oil
  • Animal Oil Residue
  • Qaffaz Hide
  • Qaffaz Tail
  • Khaffash Hide
  • Mohkat Hide
  • Mohkat Organ
  • Nawacore MK2 Part D
  • Nawacore MK3 Part D
  • CUHOF Key Glass
  • CUHOF Key Ring
  • Mirath Longshot (L)
  • Mirath Fatal shot (L)
  • Paint Can Brown

Cuhof 05:

  • Shrapnels
  • Misral Token
  • High Definition GUI Component
  • Tier 2 Components
  • Socket 3 Component
  • Animal Thyroid Oil
  • Animal Oil Residue
  • Duhol Sack of Bones
  • Duhol Hide
  • CUHOF Key Base
  • CUHOF Key Pins
  • Nawacore MK3 Part E
  • Paint Can Dark Blue
  • Basic wood extractors
  • Advanced cloth extractors


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Eleniiiiiiiiii ... I LOVE your stuff and how you are SO creative, and even adding humor into the mix while sharing valuable info. :thumbsup

It's awesome. :jumpclap 💜

We need to talk girlfriend. :phonetalking

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Great work as always Eleni.
I can confirm you need the nawacore to get acces to the daily kill missions.
You can check out this link for all information regarding the nawacore.
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