Guided by an Angel


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I popped along to watch our guardian Angel help a few friends to the shub cave TP

Our guardian Angel 1.png
Our guardian Angel 2.png
Our guardian Angel 3.png
Our guardian Angel 4.png
Our guardian Angel 5.png

Thanks Angel for a great trip :D


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She is definitely our Moon Angel, and yet another valuable Monria dedicated player who is a part of our community initiatives that helps to elevate the Monria experience.

Looks like fun times. :)

Angel Of Shadows

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My pleasure!
And... It was pretty funny!

I like to do those tp runs to help poeple on Monria that can't rech them alone, give me one more occasion to be messing with some shubs :D


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As many runs as you have made recently, one of those darned things should be HOFfin for you about now.

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