Guilty Pleasures


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...took me almost 25 years to re-discover this track that I've heard in my youth...I kidd you guys not...just couldn´t remember the damn band name & well and simple search for "UK USA" in the internet era...well that didn´t help one bit, whilst searching for this particular track ...who the f name their band "Eskimos & Egypt?!" anyways...hmmm well this is a guilty pleasure for sure on so many levels...especially time wasted searching for it...damn...:banginghead


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Toecutter I know what you mean, I think all of us have done that at one time or another.
You remember a song from your past... well remember a partial beat or sound cllip from it, but can't remember a damned thing otherwise.

What was that song called, what was the band name? Where did they play at or even come from?. Hell, even if you remembered some of the lyrics you could search on them and get a hit but NOPE, ain't gonna happen that easy!

Then finally you find something after ALL the searching you done and it makes you really feel good. Grats on the find there.



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I'm going to revive this thread by posting a track by a group that I am just obsessed with ever since Shadow and Malgar introduced me to them a while back ... Shadow gave me this link because it's a new version of one of the Hu's songs.

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