Halloween Event 2020 | Yog-Sothoth Employs Evil Leprechauns


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We learned that at last year's Halloween event, the Cultists found the Necronomicon in an unmarked grave and gave it to Decca, Leader of the Cult of Shut'thend. Then learned that she in turn gave it to Yog-Sothoth, which is not a good thing. Despite there being seemingly dire consequences for even reading the Necronomicon, the Cultists have been working with Yog-Sothoth to find a workaround to be able to bring forth even more dark forces.

It appears that this effort has been successful, as there is a rumor that Yog-Sothoth has employed the Evil Leprechauns to also fight in their battle with us to take back control of Monria. Let's call it what it is ... granted, the Evil Leprechauns aren't the most friendly of Monria creatures, and only show themselves at our Halloween events, but this time, it is my belief that Yog-Sothoth, with the help of the advanced technology of the Cultists, have been able to use a mind control effect that has altered the Evil Leprechauns to be more aggressive.

If I were you ... I wouldn't become too complacent during the Halloween activities because they are taking place on the actual Halloween holiday, and that could mean that the evil forces will be looking to see if you have your guard down.

If you want to learn more about the Necronomicon and its implications, as well as its historical timeline, read last month's event lead-in story.

Date | Saturday, October 31st
Time | 00:00 -to- 23:59 Game Time
(to determine game time -- click on your System tab in the chat box and then press U ... or
press the period key if you haven't remapped your keyboard since the graphics update)
Location | Entire Moon

  • you do not need to register at EntropiaLife for this event ... globals/hofs are automatically recorded
  • please ask questions in Monria chat and refrain from PM'ing DME if at all possible
  • be considerate of your fellow participants during the event
  • --- this includes not cluttering TP areas in the craters with vehicles and/or landing on top of people
  • --- when going back out into the field, please be considerate of where you land and pick up vehicles
  • --- turrets don't work during our events, so please don't drag mobs to the TP areas
  • teams must have the name Monria in the team name to be eligible for prizes
  • please do not use symbols in your team name so it gets into the filter for the event data spreadsheet
  • please register your Team Name and Team Leader in this thread
  • --- any prizes won will be given to the Team Leader for distribution
  • societies cannot have more than one team name with their society name in it
  • if you hire a healer and don't team, your globals/hofs will count as Solo entries
  • if you team with a healer, or anyone else, your globals/hofs will count as Team entries
  • all of Monria is open to those who wish to participate in the mining portion of the event
  • if you get a claim in an area where you are challenged to excavate it because of mobs ...
  • --- ask in Monria chat to see if any of our VCAT members are available to assist

Date | Saturday, October 31st -- Time Begins | 00:00 game time -- Time Ends | 23:59 game time
Location | Entire Moon -- (see specific increased mob spawn locations in the link below)


Right click on the following links and open in a new tab -- these are PDF files for downloading:

Halloween Event | Increased Mob Spawn Locations
Monria Mob Levels / HP - Wave Locations - Pets - Yogs Burrow Sweating

Also, here are links to help you navigate Monria, but also find items in shops and shopkeepers:
Right click on the links to open in a new tab.

Monria Interactive Map
Monria Shops Inventory Tool

HEADS UP ... if you haven't done so already, make sure you pick up the:
For those still working on the chapters mission (The Order of the Elder Gods), here is Ant's statement to those who have made comments, suggestions, and have questions -- hopefully this will help.

This too is a downloadable PDF file -- right click and open in a new tab.

Chapters Mission -- Ant's Statement
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize -- 200 PED -- Per-Erik Puja Jonsson
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize -- 200 PED -- Dave Nihilist Quantison
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize -- 200 PED -- Sith Jedi Meister
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- josef OHYZD pepanec
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Monria K0lb&Cool_guys
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Monria Community Assistance Team
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Groovy Monria Moon
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Cots on Monria
  • Highest Global/HoF on any ore/enmatter -- 200 PED -- Sith Jedi Meister
  • First Lowest Global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- The Doctor Who
  • Last Lowest Global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- debud po3blck avizov
  • Highest Global/HoF -- Evil Leprechaun -- Prize --> 100 PED -- Umbalba Waka Juni
  • Highest Global/HoF -- Green Leprechaun Pet -- Prize --> Level 7 Asclarias Pet -- Count Cristo Monte
  • (donated by Wrench Crowbar Crew member -- Salerine ... thank you very much)
  • Wrench Crowbar's Twitch Stream
Asclarias-4.png Asclarias-5.png Asclarias-6.png

Asclarias-1.png Asclarias-2.png Asclarias-3.png

There was a total of 806 globals/hofs during the 24 hr event time.

You can see all of the results in Ant's spreadsheet here where individual global/hof totals are included.
Right click and open in a new tab.
  • Solo Hunting, Team Hunting
  • you can only win one Solo and one Team hunting prize
  • you can also win a mining prize based on the following rules
  • you can also win the Evil Leprechaun prize
  • Mining
  • if you get the highest global/hof and one of the lowest globals ... you win the highest
  • if you win the highest, you are not eligible for either the first or last lowest global prizes
  • the person who wins the first lowest global is not eligible to win the last lowest global
  • if you get the first lowest global, you can continue mining toward getting the highest
  • Example ... you get the first lowest global and have the first recorded time
  • --- this means you win the first lowest global prize
  • --- but there's an incentive to continue mining to see if you can get the highest global/hof
  • --- if you do, then the person who had the lowest global with the time right after yours ...
  • ---------- would win the first lowest global prize
  • Additional Information
  • you can win prizes in solo/team hunting and mining based on the above rules
  • in case of a draw for any of the prizes, the first recorded time will apply
  • Anhithe will extract the data from EntropiaLife after the event and determine the winners
  • --- he will also create a gobal/hof data spreadsheet that will be posted with the results
  • the results will be added to the first post in this event thread sometime on Sunday

I think most of us like to dress up for Halloween, so do your best to assemble the most creative-looking outfit you can, and get ready to parade yourself in the DSEC Military Camp boxing ring in an effort to win one of three PED prizes. Leave your ego outside the ring, because during the costume viewing by the judges, those who are not in contention for winning a prize will be eliminated -- I think you know what this means.

  • Time | 16:00 game time -- Location | DSEC Military Camp -- Monria Boxing Ring
  • at DSEC Military Camp TP, go North around the rock wall, and past the pet stable to the boxing ring
  • register with the Event Organizer at the boxing ring before 16.00 game time, or Global Event option
  • --- this is only for those who are participating in the Halloween Costume Contest
  • be sure to register prior to the start of the event, or you won't gain access to the boxing ring
  • at 16:00 game time, all participants should be in the boxing ring --- please be on time
  • --- stand around the outer edge of the ring at the ropes and not in the center
  • --- the Virtualsense Team will be in the center of the ring reviewing your costumes
  • your look has to be a complete ensemble and not just a mask --- go all out
  • be your most creative self because some costume photos will be published
  • if you are not in the running for winning a prize, you will be eliminated from the ring
  • --- and you can't fight back :nana
  • if you are eliminated, please respect the method of elimination, as well as your fellow contestants
  • once eliminated, you may not re-enter the ring
  • the eliminations will continue until there are 3 people standing --- they will be the winners
We expect that everyone will please follow the rules, and especially our unique method of elimination. After all, this is Halloween, and what would Halloween be without a bit of gore. Team Virtualsense needs to show their love now and then. 🧡

  • 1st Place Prize --- 400 PED
  • 2nd Place Prize --- 300 PED
  • 3rd Place Prize --- 200 PED
  • 4th Place Prize --- 100 PED
  • prizes will be given out by DME after the winners are announced



Monria Walking Horrors

Team Leader: Olav Olaven Spire

Sith Family on Monria
Team Leader: Sith Meister

Groovy Monria Moon
Team Leader: Lady Ladyburn Land

CotS on Monria
Team Leader: Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu

Love Craft Academy on Monria
Team Leader: Chris MadJack Andrews

Monria Community Assistance Team
Team Leader: Gredrrik Alhakekhist Malgar

Monria Moon Walkers
Team Leader: Mr Jai Magi

Crowbar Crew Monria
Team Leader: Donald Ahirudduck vanAswegen

SPED Monria Scary Hunt
Team Leader: Kain Dewey Fall

Fin on Monria
Team Leader: Finris Chomchom Chom

GliStrunzoli on Monria
Team Leader: DeaGinevra Dyamante Egeria

Monria K0lb&Cool_guys
Team Leader: Tony K0lb0sa K0lbasters

Titans of Space Starfleet Monria
Team Leader: John Black Knight




  • Halloween-Increased-Mob-Locations-2020.pdf
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  • MobList-Waves-Pets.pdf
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One question. For the costumes event, do we submit the costume backstory here or we tell it on the event itself? I also apologize for bad english.

I kinda like this question ... if any of you have a back story you'd like to share about your Halloween avatar look, it would be cool to know that, and because there won't be enough time during the actual event to do in in local chat, I would suggest that you post it here in the event thread so there is time to review it ... however, winners will be judged on costume alone during the event.

I just think it's cool that there might be a back story to your Halloween look. :)


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I added a photo of the Halloween Costume Contest winners to the first post ... very nice job, and Gratz. :thumbsup


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Added an additional event prize to the first post just below the Evil Leprechaun entry:
  • Highest Global/HoF on a Green Leprechaun Pet
  • Prize is --> Level 7 Asclarias Pet
  • I also added photos
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