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Heres a list of stuff i have thought about regarding dsec9

Hey VS team and anyone that cares to read, this is not to complain, i write this to share my wievs, i acknowledge frombeginning that its all biased and i might even be wrong :) All is shared with love of this nice new area that i have had a blast to explore, and grind, you guys have a hard job with all the balancing and crazy people lioke myself run thru your content way to fast, but thats just because we enjoy it :)

Lotus invaders, they are large models and tend to creep up so close that they get in the way of eachother and get stuck, resulting in annoying clusters, they also have a relative high threat range, this makes them not so nice to hunt, they have a unusual damage spread and the dammage over time, theyre a challenge, spreading them out a bit in the spawn could be nice. The drop rate of molten is very low, to a point where i often choose not to hunt them, the primary reason to hunt them is for the molten, they do drop occationaly robot items with markup, but i feel there could be a even better rare drop, but thats maybe unrealistic.

Fury, these guys are a major pain to hunt, especialy for people with melee or low range, they have these erratic bursts where they run across the map causing us to follow when a target is allready chosen, but before we get in range, this causes clusters and theyre mean, they must be the least hunted mob due to this.

HDD´s they have started dropping quite a bit better, and this is very nice, in the last approx 300k peds cycled i have had a whooping 7 drops, which is quite on par with what i like. The 4Tb one that i suspect drop from fury, being the only one i havnt looted yet, save the fabled 12Tb that seems to no have dropped yet, but thats ok thers a few "days" till thats needed

Armors, what can i say, armors are imho way to rare, in the last 300k peds cycled on dsec9 i have looted a single piece, and some parts are apparently dropping less then others, thers plenty of reason why this might be so, but its basic math we can pay silly ammounts pr piece, then the bigger sets will never be made, i understand this is balance and all, but maybe a small treat for Sally the balance manager could help ?

Synth waves, the area is a bit big, and i feel i run more than i shoot, this if ofc a balance, but maybe the mobs could be slightly more centered in the middle ? this way we could navigate around the enclosure and avoid having to run to each corner to end a wave. Also the stones in there behave a little odd blocking the mobs but also not being seen at range. Synth wave could use some loving to, the end boss is so far quite dissapointing, both in loot size and loot content.

Mining, people seems to have a hard time mining and i see next to no activity in this, maybe a nice sooto could refresh it a bit ?

Mob loot in general, very nice with a higher % of shrap, way better then oil, but a few robot parts could spice it up here and there, Talus being about the only mob with a noteable drop in the form of a single mf chip. Is more item drops out of the question ?

Codex, this might very well be fixed very soon, but more and more people are getting into the tens on codex repeat missions, and progress is very slow and no meta, incitement to hunt is getting a bit less. New mobs, with codex levels please.

Lotus mission, lotus armor and lotus plates Very few peopledo this, i adressed the lack of molten on top, but also these missions from brown and up are very hard, this is a good thing, even if i myself cant handle the gold solo, i can gather resources and work with others, its good and fosters community, i have no issue with just how hard it is to gain these things, but i would like "something else" when these dont drop, Rain whom i suspect have ran the highest ammount of gold mission, maybe shared with Synial has told me she ran quite a lot of gold missions where the loot contained nothing of note, this is disheartening, maybe somekind of consolation price could be arranged, just dont have it be more lamps :p

Flying carpet, being among the few that made the carpet i love this thing, its amazing, man i wish it could be upgraded to spawn elsewhere, currently being spawnable on VS territory only makes me even forget to spawn it here, and often im using other planets flying twain, that spawns everywhere. Red carpet levels seems quite ok now, its attainable but hard, i just hope that all the extra blue and green carpet and the ton of extra tintures get a use eventually.

DSEC plates ? Ive been thinking, we need some plates, these could be quite specfic for dsec, a 50/50 spread on acid/electric and being upgradeable would make a very happy Hally :p

Otis commander, this guy bangs, the gatherings to kill him is such a nice social gathering, people fly in and drop their own quest just to help people, its so lovely, i only regret that it often takes 30 mins to gather 5 mins to kill, it would be amazing if we could get a slipstream even, where something special happend when he was killed, something for the community to work together on, maybe DSEC Mach Sunjoqs spawning or something.

The crossover mission, i see a lot of people are completing this and the ranks of the lotus guardians keep bolstering, its my understanding that this mission is and is intended to be quite hard, i often hear people complain, and so did i when i did it, but all in all i think its quite balanced as is, even if i agree the frustration when missing that last drop can be quite high. the socalled wave drop on some of the needed parts is frustrating but i doubt it can be fixed under the current system.

Hallys ramnblings over and out

P.S. Thanks for all the fun
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