"Harvest attempt failed to generate usable resources"?


Is "Harvest attempt failed to generate usable resources" the same thing as an nrf in mining with trees or is it something else? Reading through the quarterly pdf it seems you have to have the correct level tool to get the resource from the tree. However, I'm using a Terratech PH-3 on large trees and still am seeing this message from time to time. Also I've not been looting too many long boards. Have you gone and done something silly like making the Terratech PH-3 unable to harvest Moonleaf Long boards on this planet so we have to buy the L verstion of the Nahar Axe 300 instead?!?... That would be crazy if so since it seems like the PH-3 and Axe 300 should be able to loot the same stuff?


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This is the same as NRF in mining, and you can use the Terratech here :)
FYI, Happened to me while being attacked by a mob. Ha! I'll clear those 1st next time.
Say, if the harvest attempt failed why does the tree disappear?
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