HEADS UP | Friday's Yamato Warp Schedule will be Thursday Apr 1st


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Friday's Yamato warp schedule will take place on Thursday, April 1st (this is not an April Fool's joke) instead of Friday, April 2nd. This is because both Wrench and Bonnie have their big events on Monria on Friday and we want to make sure participants get to Monria ahead of time.

You can view the details of their events at the following links:

I believe you need to sign up for Wrench's event in his thread because it involves teams.

As Bonnie mentioned, everyone is invited to her boss waves event, and I can confirm that there will be 3 hrs of Monria boss mobs and Dunwich to keep you busy. The boss wave event is already in place and begins at 22:00 until 01:00 game time. I will give the waypoint after everyone gathers at DSEC Forensics.
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