HEADS UP | Friday's Yamato Warp Schedule will be Thursday, Feb 4th


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Please make note that our Yamato warp schedule for this Friday will take place on Thursday, Feb 4th instead ... this is to accommodate Wrench's Toulan SAGE 1 Event, and also Bonnie's "Bring an Army" Boss Wave Event beginning at 22:00 game time.

We want to get people to Toulan in time, and if we do our warp schedule on Friday instead of Thursday, people will miss out.

We will have our regular warp schedule on Sunday since this is not a weekend-long event. The change is just for Thursday.

Here is a link to our Yamato Warp Schedule and times when we will be at each planet.

I am SO looking forward to these two events ... thank you Wrench and Bonnie, this will be fun. :p
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