Heads Up Regarding the March 2024 VS Quarterly


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My apologies that the March 2024 VS Quarterly is delayed even more for several reasons:
  • most importantly, issues with one of the apps I'm using
  • other VS work that also needed my attention
  • responding to and helping community members with needs
  • --- for some reason, this is surprisingly on the rise, so not sure what's up (Summer?)
  • --- I have had a lot of PMs in the game and messages on Discord with questions and asking for help
  • all of which is time-consuming and not things I can put off ... I guess I could, but I won't do that to community members
You don't ever want to see my projects list ... no complaints here, I love everything I do, but delays are inevitable as we have experienced just recently with the March VU which wasn't implemented until June 11th, and we couldn't continue with the magazine until we had the VU content, but even then, there are production details that take time as well, so we got backed up all over the place as a result.

I'm shooting for sometime next week ... right now, I need to take some downtime this weekend, other than the warp schedule on Sunday, so catch up then.

Thanks for your patience, it's appreciated.
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