Here some of the clothing result from (Toulan blueprint book)


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Adrees Shoes (F,C).jpg
Bakery Fayza Pleat (F,C).jpg
Darzeh Pants (M,C).jpg
Delia Shirt (F,C).jpg
Elder Coat (M,C).jpg
Faris Jeans (M,C).jpg
Fisherman Shorts (M,C).jpg
Innkeeper Jacket (M,C).jpg
Jadees Pants (F,C).jpg
Jaish Boots (M,C).jpg
Jassem Coat (MC).jpg
Jassem Headwear (M,C).jpg
Pleat Coat FC.jpg
Saharie Pleat (FC).jpg
Wazir Pleat (M,C).jpg
Samar Shoe (M,C) , (F,C).jpg


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I moved this thread to the general discussion area because it was requested that no threads be made in the individual item areas of this section. This is because Shadow has been working with me on collecting info to post both the items and BPs in their respective sections that will include cross links like she did for Monria.

It would be appreciated if any further info and/or graphics be posted here in the general discussion section. If there's something that Shadow doesn't already have, then she can extract from the additional info posted.

Thank you very much for your contribution. :)
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