Hey everyone, I am glad to be here on Toulan

Kain Dewey Fall

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I have been fond of Toulan since day one. Out of all the advertisements I was seeings for "Planets" in Entropia Universe, it was the Planet Toulan advertisement 5 1/2 years ago that made me finally decide to try out the game or more specifically, Planet Toulan. But then I logged in, the game was called Entropia Universe, I learned that all those "Planet" games I was seeing was all interconnected to this one single game, "Entropia Universe" and I accidentally made my home planet Calypso because that was the main planet identified on EntropiaUniverse.com and I was in a hurry to start playing and didn't know the difference.
BUT!!! Over the course of my time in Entropia, I have learned much about the game.

Toulan has always been a Planet that catches my eye sight and has me wanting to settle myself and have a good time.
Well, ready for the action. I am a Universe Traveler, but I do like occupying my time on this planet quite a bit more than the others for the diversity, scenery, and unique storyline. I am a sucker for, Toulan.

Hello, fellow Toulan Dwellers!
Whatever you seek, let's experience it together, what do you say? :D
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