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Hi all,

Sadly im not a Monria born but i do call it my home. And one day when i can afford it i will have a home there.

Im pretty bad at all this stuff and am extremely shy but here i am. o/ hahaha. Hoping to meet new people enjoy the game to the fullest and maybe get to the point of helping each other out. I mainly hunt but over time i wish to get to crafting. I guess the same as most people. Feel free to PM me in game if you want to chat or group up. I am trying to be more active ant to get into as much as i can with the content within Monria, DSEC9 and Toulan.


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Welcome :hi ... there is a lot of solid information here at our forum, but as Sith mentioned, hop into the Monria/DSEC9 or Toulan chat channels in the game and give us a hello, we have a very friendly community.

Type the following in the chat box to join these channels ...

/join #monria
/join #toulan

Since you aren't Monrian Born or Toulan Born, I'm going to move this to General Greetings. :)
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