Hi all. Just thought I would post an idea and ask what some of you would say....

Zarnia Foxtrot

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So, here is the question.

If MA in the nature of a "Christmas Spirit" could do something for free for Monria, What would you ask for on behalf of Monria for Christmas? I am playing devil's advocate namely because MA DID NOT prompt me to post this post (which I may get spanked for doing by DME, Ant or Anny) nor are they in any way responsible to read this post or do anything in response to whatever anyone posts in reply here. I am simply curious what you think MA should do for Monria given the growth in members we have had which has also benefited MA in more ped in game overall.

So, my personal wish for something free for Monria for Christmas is for Monria to have its own independent server separate from Calypso done by MA for free.

What would you wish for free for Monria? Feel free to share your ideas..:)


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Always good to get input from the community. We hope as well that we have a more stable environment due to the increased activity on Monria, and especially during our bigger events so that game play is more smooth for everyone. Not sure how likely it is that we get our own server due to many reasons, but perhaps there will be a tweak before our next super big St Patrick's Day event.

As a side-note ... some things that are mentioned in suggestions we may already be working on, but we can't discuss development and confirm or not confirm what they are. However, we watch this space. :)


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Some great ideas above. A few strategically placed extractor fans in the caves would also be nice. After the graphics update I struggle to find the Shoggs hiding in the dust / smoke / whatever it is.. I currently have to wave the rifle around until the target acquisition system highlights the outline of Shogg, which is far from optimal. Perhaps a yellow or blue light (depending on the particles in the air) on the scope will also work. That sadly also gives away my position, an activity which is always near the bottom of my to-do list.

Zarnia Foxtrot

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I like donkeys though...they are stubborn like me..:).. I like the use of the tp between Caly and Monria . I just know that when we have events and there is a lot of lag, it is often due to events on Caly at the same time as our Monria events and it taxes the servers too much and interferes with gameplay. If there was a way to keep the tp from Caly to Monria and the reverse and not have server lag issues during Monria events, I'd love to know how and pass that along in this thread.

But if not a donkey, how about a pony instead?..:tongueswagging
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