How I determined the Shub's Damage proportions


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For those who would like to know the details of how I did the testing on the Shubs, here it is. It may be helpful to read the thread "How I determined the Yog's damage proportions" first, as I will not explain the steps in this thread as I did in the first one. I will just lay out the tests and the results.

The Shubs are currently the highest level mob on Monria. Higher level mobs always require a lot of healing to stay alive long enough in order to get the data that is required. Since I was alone doing this, I sought the lowest level Shubs I could find in order to minimize the amount of healing I would have to do on myself. I found the lowest level Shubs between the Cave 3 and Cave 4 TP, right after the Cultists, about halfway through. All of this testing was done on the Level 17 Combatant.

I should mention that I did some testing at the beginning which confirmed that the Shubs didn't deal any Electric, Acid or Cold damage at all. I'm not going to go into the details of that testing, suffice it to know that it was done and was confirmed.

1. Naked:

After more than 20 minutes getting hit, I got the following:

Lowest hit was: 28.7
Highest hit was: 55.9

I decided to assume that the level 17 Combatant's damage is 28-56. This might not be 100% accurate but I feel it is close enough. Average then would be 42 damage per hit.

2. First armor set-up:

Gnome armor + Pulsar 10 plates provides the following protection
31 Impact
11 Cut
11 Stab

Lowest hit was: 5.1 (I postulate the lowest hit to actually be 5.0)
Highest hit was: 13.1

The highest is more then 2x the lowest hit, this is an indication that one of the damage types being protected for by this armor set-up is not being blocked completely every time. We will see later that it was in fact Stab. However this data is still useful. We can assume that if Impact/Cut/Stab were being blocked 100%, the lowest hit would be 5.0 and the highest, 10.0, which is double the lowest. This would mean that the proportion of Impact/Cut/Stab damage is 82% (42 - 7.5 = 34.5 and then 34.5 of 42 = ~0.82 or 82%).

3. Second armor set-up:

Rascal armor + Pulsar 10 plates provides the following protection
35 Impact
12 Cut
12 Burn
11 Stab

Lowest hit was: 5.0
Highest hit was: 13.0

The results here are the same as in the Gnome armor set-up, despite having 4 more points of Impact protection, 1 more point of Cut protection, and 12 points of Burn as well. The only thing which is the same is the 11 points of Stab. This confirms that the damage type which isn't being fully blocked is the Stab. It also tells us that the Shub do not inflict Burn damage.

The results of this armor set-up also helped me figure out the proportion for Stab, which I will explain later.

4. Third armor set-up:

The Goblin armor + Mark.6B plates provides the following protection
17 Impact
9 Acid
12 Electric

Lowest hit was: 18.2
Highest hit was: 36.5
Average hit is: 27.35

14.65 points of damage are being blocked by this armor set-up. I knew already from other tests I did that the Shubs don't do any Acid or Electric damage, that only leaves the Impact damage. So we can conclude by this test that the proportion of Impact damage for the Shub is 35% (14.65 of 42 is ~0.35 or 35%).

5. Fourth armor set-up:

The Zombie armor + Pulsar 10 plates provides the following protection
1 Penetration
37 Impact
10 Burn
10 Cold
19 Cut
21 Stab
1 Shrapnel
1 Acid
10 Electric

Lowest hit was: 4.1 (I postulate the lowest hit to actually be 4.0)
Highest hit was: 9.0

It is normal for the highest hit to be 1 point more then 2X4, due to the Penetration coverage of only 1 point. Without that point, the lowest hit would be 5.0, and the highest hit would be 10. The average then is 7.5 points of damage.

If full Impact/Cut/Stab protection block 34.5 points of damage from the 42 average points we get without any protection (naked), then Impact/Cut/Stab = 82% (proven a second time).

This also tells us that the proportion of Penetration damage from the Shubs is 18% (the remainder).

5. A little more math should tell us what the proportion for Stab is:

When I did the testing with the Gnome + Pulsar 10 plates, and the Rascal + Pulsar 10 plates, we saw that the damage that was still getting through was Stab. The lowest hit was 5.0 and the highest, 13.0.

The highest hit was 3 points more than it should have been. Postulating a lowest of 1.5 and highest of 3 would give us a 2.25 average. So if we take the 11 points of Stab protection that we have with the armor set-up and add 2.25, we get an average of 13.25 of Stab damage. 13.25 of 42 is ~31.5% of Stab damage (I'm going to round that to 32%).

That only leaves Cut, which would have to be 15.5% (I'm going to round that to 15%).

So the breakdown is as follows:

18% Penetration
35% Impact
15% Cut
32% Stab

The testing I did on the Shub is a little rough. Someone may want to verify these results using other combinations of armors and plates. I would start with the Cut and Stab proportions as these really need to be re-verified.

Cheers o/

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