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  • I discovered Thursday night that the Photobucket site has been offline, and it messed up my signature
  • anyone using Photobucket should check their signatures too, just in case yours are messed as well
  • I can see that part of yours is TC
  • I want a service that's reliable and offers various features, so I went with Image Shack
  • I did the upgrade for a one-time annual fee of $18.99, and I'll see how it goes for this year
  • it was easy for me to work with, and so far I really like it and the features they offer with the upgrade
At any rate, anyone using Photobucket, please check any images that you posted at the forum through a direct link and make sure they're working properly. I still can't get into Photobucket, so I'm not going to be using it anymore.


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Wish I knew how to do all this stuff like you guys! Looks kewl!
You can probably hire one of us, or maybe some of us would even do one for you for free??? I am not happy with the font on mine, will be looking for an alternative soon. Always a work in progress...


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Thanks for the link, it's not just the hosting site though, I am horrible at anything artistic when it comes to ideas for signatures and such, give me something to build and I can do it all day long, but something cool like the signatures you all have and I am all thumbs. Rofl

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I'd be happy to help any Monrians out with creating signatures, as long as I'm not too busy with the work I do for DME and the monria team. I don't charge anything, but tips are always welcome:) just drop me a PM here on the forums with a detailed description of what you want and I will get back to you asap.


Prompt please as it is possible to reduce the size of the signature?
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