How's the loot here?


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Hellooo all,
Well, I am thinking of moving from Calypso, where I have spent many years and quite a bit of cash over the years, mostly because the loot is soooooo boring there now. So, I am not sure where to go first but I fancy a bit of Monria so why not?

I don't hunt high level mobs as a rule, I like my deposits to last a BIT longer than a day so hunt from level 5 to level 25 ish.

My question is like the title, how IS the loot on Monria? my main thing is that I like to see guns, armour, faps ANYTHING other than shrapnel, oil, hides and the normal dull boring stuff that drops all the time on Calypso.

I don't expect to loot uber gear or anything too fancy, although it would obviously be very nice, I just mean even low level/value stuff, but guns and armour those kinda more interesting items, do they drop more often or is it the same old slog of killing a thousand mobs and if you are VERY lucky something mildly interesting might drop.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated ;-)
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