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So lets just start with why no HSSC and FFSI events never took place this month I basically ran out of all funds to host an event on Toulan and had to spend two weeks making money on Rock to make up event expenses it was a hard choice to make but I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut Toulan just for this month, It's a mix of my traders not showing up in game and not wanting items I normally trade them on NI alone i got 50k sweet now if i can shift all that would solve my money problems but it is not happening...

Secondly I am banning all low efficiency weapons from HSSC/FFSI. what do i mean by that lets look at the standard TT Pistol and NI's Snowball gun... we will go by average DPS rate of fire and efficiency.

TT Pistol average is (DPS 5-2,5)/2+2.5 = 3.75 and you get 70/60=1.17 shots per second with an efficiency of 58%.

Snowball gun amped with a B101 Average is (DPS 0.5-1.5) 0.5+0,75=1.25 * 2 shots per second. Making the average DPS 2.50 at an efficiency of 12.4%.

"but Ol' uncle Kai the TT Pistol does more DPS than the Snowball gun?" I hear you ask.

"Indeed it does boys and girls, gurls and bois...." I say but what is happening is the loot table is favouring the lower efficiency when it sorts the loot by DPS and if you take guns with a high ammo usage like the grindhouse series of AK47 you will always come out with more loot in the long run. Manipulating the loot pool like is ok when alone ((You'd just have to use a lot more ammo hunting this way and I mean a lot to flip a profit)) but when you are in a group people are going to get ticked off really fast and even though I just basically explained how to manipulate the loot pool in a group with low efficiency guns, just don't do it you'll be alienated pretty fast that and it is a dick move in general... So yeah if you like hunting as a team and all your loot seems to be going to one person, now you know why and don't let it happen. It's not nice when your working hard and someone is taking all your earnings.

So yeah guys that is about it, yes there will be an event next month, Do not abuse low efficiency weapons and, I am still on track for the winter hunt we almost got enough PED to run all 3 hunts ((Rocktropia Toulan and Next Island)).

P.S. Don't abuse what I just told you about low efficiency weapons. I can not stress this enough and I just wanted to explain why I was banning all low efficiency weapons but I had to explain how they worked to explain why I was banning them if that makes sense...
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Cheers to removing any low efficiency from the group hunts. Was sorely needed.


Cheers to removing any low efficiency from the group hunts where damage is supposed to be equal in accordance with effi as well.
Shared kill points around the whole group for dailies.
No problem buddy but looking back I did have to explain how they worked to explain why I was banning them... So hoping now no one is going to abuse that but then again if you look at the other side of the table I did explain to honest players what to look out for and why they're returns might be going to just one person... So that is a good thing right?
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