HSSC/FFSI October news 2022

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Ok I want to address the elephant in the room first... Last newsletter I said I was bringing Toulan's events back round to the first of this month... This hasn't happened. The reason why is because the 30/9/22 my good laptop thought... "Ohh I know I will update the whole system bios, totally knock out the security info, and lock my owner out and force him to wait a month because Microsoft that is how long Microsoft takes update security info... I dunno some BS about scammers and hackers and doesn't help mine was outdated..." In the mean while this are my specs at the moment: -

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz (2494.33 MHz)
Memory: 6049 MB
Concurrency: 4
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 18363.1256)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Graphics Card: GeForce GT 635M/PCIe/SSE2
Graphics Card Memory: 2048 MB

It took a lot of software jerry rigging to run EU at a good frame rate ((and no jerry rigging was against MA ToS)) ... So, on the first I had a chance for a big trade on Rocktropia that would set up the event for the month, when I started on NI it was not so bad... so I set flight from NI and Space hit... HARD!!!... I don't know why but flying through space was like flying through treacle, it was a chore and I crashed twice... after over 3 hours I finally get to Rock, do the trade and I did think about coming back to Toulan... But that spaceflight ugh... So, I spent time getting the computer to run Entropia kind of well. while hosting the HSSC/FFSI events on Rock... My second space flight went a lot better, hence why i am now on Toulan... Also, laptop did not like the beer garden so haven't picked up much in the way of kegs, so a month's funding (these funds are used to get entry level gear kill mobs and general event running (e.g., I got a huge stack and I need to move it to another world to sell, I'll hop on the Yamamoto and warp to that world) will have to stretch two months so lots of penny pinching for the next two months

Ok enough about that... On to an event-based question... How would you guys feel if I split Toulan's event place with Monria's on a monthly basis? So one month I am on Toulan the next Monria and back and forth through the year so both worlds get a cut of the pie? Think the last time the event sunk like a stone on Monria was because it was so new and there was a rumour that I was a scammer (because how could a free to play player make up and event like this all legit like) ... Also love the rumour that I had some of that sweet, sweet pirate funding... but no the story to HSSC/FFSI success is all my hard work, dedication, and management of the Events and not because I'm the Mairah... A jokey rumour amongst friends because I really did start this event with 5 [Mawlood Recruit Eagle (L)] 5 [Mawlood Recruit Hawk (L)] and 5 [Fanoos Medical V1 (L)] and then the support from the whole community snowballed from there... thanks for the early support guys :D

Also noticed the Fanoos have started dropping again 3 full TT ones in 2 days plus half a dozen half TT ones... Still not as great and as abundant as they once were but it is a vast improvement than the two months, they have hardly been dropping at all over the weeklong I been on Toulan, but donations of the half TT variety are always welcome...

But yeah, I think that is all I got to ramble on about and ask in this newsletter so I'm going to end it here please give feedback on the question I asked about switching from Monria to Toulan every month... I am all ears to hear your thoughts on that one :thumbsup
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