I had a problem collecting the sleigh in Christmas Crackers mission that was easily resolved..

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Hi. For those who don't know, there is a 3 fold mission with the NPC Valeria just outside the DSEC-9 tp with Christmas Crackers.. 500 Christmas crackers get a turkey mask, 800 Christmas crackers get a Christmas tree and then 1200 Christmas crackers get you the Christmas sleigh. Well, I didn't know about the other two Christmas Crackers missions when I started the 1st one. I had an extra 46 Christmas crackers after doing the 500 which I TT'd no knowing better. Then I did the second mission for 800 and I got my Christmas tree. For some reason, the game then suddenly remembered that I done the 46 Christmas crackers I TT'd and had included them in my generated total for the 1200 I needed I complete the third mission for the sleigh. So I kept going and got the green check that said I "had" completed the third mission and had 1200 to turn in.

Well, I gave what I had which was 1146 and Valeria didn't accept them though I had the green check that said I met the requirement. So, off I went to get the remaining Christmas crackers so I had the actual total to hand in of 1200. I stepped up to Valeria and she gave me the silent treatment. She wouldn't talk or open a window to give her the 1200 Christmas Crackers I had. So, of course, I contacted Gatekeeper who seemed to always have an answer. He said try relogging. So I did that..

After signing back on , the trade window for the 1200 Christmas crackers opened as soon as I signed on. Problem was, my 1200 Crackers were in planetary storage at this point. So, I had to "X" out of the trade window and go to my planetary storage and get the 1200 Christmas Crackers and log off again. I then relogged back on, and of course, the trade window was there waiting for me and now that I had my 1200 Christmas crackers actually in my carried inventory, I was finally able to trade them for the sleigh.

So, three things to remember.1. .Keep all your Christmas Crackers in your carried inventory when you go to trade them in to Valeria. Make sure you have the accurate and exact amount on you when you trade that matches what the game says you have acquired. 2. Never get rid of any of the Christmas Crackers until you are done doing the mission or missions you plan to do. 3. If keep them in planetary storage until you trade with Valeria, make sure you have the right amounts that match what the game has recorded before the trade and switched over to your carried inventory before you trade with Valeria. Hope you give it a try!!


So anyone know where bp is for the nawa cell to fuel it?...lol :)

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You can make a nawa cell by putting nawa fragments in a refiner to make a nawa shard , then put the shard in the refiner with 100 sweat to make a Cell.
I could be mistaken but doesn't the sleigh use nawa drops? Those can be mined.

Edit : It's nawa vials.


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The Festive Nawa Sleigh uses Nawa Vials.
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