I think we just found Mazir

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Hi all,
Following, again, more inverstigations, i think we came to the conclusion about the fate of Mazir.

As a reminder, Mazir, from an official trailer, have been summoned by a Mage, to unleash Chaos on the Insians.

If you can appreciate, the top of the body looks humanoide, while the bottom looks crabbish.
It is clearly oversized, compared to humans, Insians.

Now, Jeefs Qaher are insians, outcast, and non-believers.
Mazir, at some point, would have a come for them.
There we have our Mazir.

Entropia 2021-03-06 21.29.32.png

There is only one and only bones remains all accross Toulan, making this guy unique.
Situated next to the Jeef Qaher residence, where Zaheem lives too.
Zaheem litterally meaning "The Boss" in arabic.
Title he may have earned, after defeating Mazir.
Zaheem is, himself oversized.

Talking with both SpeedTrap and Hally, we all agreed this pile of bones is our guy.

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