I wanted to say this, to get it off my chest.


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Hi all,

I need to say this to get it off my chest, but basically - I know I was a late comer to Planet Toulan/Monria etc but I mean I have really damn tried to help when and where I can. But I just feel it is never even going to be good enough or even appreciated.

I mean I am hosting events, helping new players, I help people in the Toulan channel in game when needed, but sometimes others beat me to it etc etc. But what I am trying to say is, I just feel that I will never be able to get into that crowd or group of people who seem to have good relationships already formed because they have been around on these planets longer than me.

But the main reason why I am late to the party even tho I have been playing this game for 20+ years on and off is the fact I only came back full time in November 2021 - Before that I was a gambler player so I never really played the game as a game, I played it solely as a gambler. So I never cared that much about things.

What changed was a few things. I will not delve into them but I basically stopped gambling at online casinos (cold turkey) and I just decided to start playing EU full time again, 1 main driving force in this decision was also because of the UE5 announcement too. But my personal life/health was also another factor in the decision too. Gambling was having a very bad impact on me and I was getting in such a bad state etc. And I am so more chilled out and relaxed since I quit online gambling. I mean I did not even use GAMSTOP or anything. I just did cold turkey and used my will power. I have not even been tempted because EU has 100% filled my void.

So then you might ask how did I not continue to gamble in EU. Well it was simple, I do not do what I used to do in EU. For many years I was a miner/crafter. So when I deposited I would gamble it all away in a dew days mining on FOMA or HELL or Ark UG with amps etc. Crafting I would do full condition etc etc........

I never invested in items, I only had some items I kept like faps and a mining finder and some other bits. But I basically never had any value in items on my account. I also even chipped out multiple times just to feed my gambling etc.........

So that is the backstory, so this is how I changed that, I spoke to an old in-game friend and he said to me, bro, u need to switch to hunting etc etc. So I decided there and then OK I will. And that was the moment that changed my views and I have now invested in my avatar and my account. I now have very nice levels in hunting, level 49 BLP sniper hit etc and I have some nice gear now too, an UL gun (Isis Protect Zero Thee) Tier 6, Nem Adj set, Ghost set, Athenic Ring Augmented, 6a plates set, 5b plate set, scales plate set, 4 apartments, 1 on Toulan and 3 on caly.......... Amongst a lot of stuff in storage.......... Plus loads of nice clothes and items in my apartments too.........

So you see I have completely changed how I play and I have totally turned it around but I am still losing a lot when I do hunt etc but that is expected. I am still able to afford to still keep investing in upgrades and gear etc when needed and also now helping others out by doing Events etc and also Now being a Mentor too. I currently am a Mentor to 3 people, and 1 has stopped playing because he has decided the game is not for him :( he said it was just to complex and expensive and he can not deposit. My other 2 are doing really well. I always give gifts to them I also help them by buying their sweat or fruits of them for an increased rate higher than the average they usually sell for etc. So sweat I always pay 2ped/k for my deciples to help them out :)

I mean I am not looking to just be able to enter this "in crowd overnight" and I know I obviously need to somehow earn it and earn the respect etc etc. But I dont want to look like I am wanting to be, I either dont want you all to think why are you even writing all this?

Well its simple really, I have just noticed a lot of things while I have been a member of the forum. I was warmly welcome at first, but it seems to have now just completely changed and now I feel I am just not getting the appreciation. So maybe I should just stop trying altogether and give up?

Because it just feels being a late comer is always just not going to get me anywhere what so ever...........

So that's that, I had to say it.

Thanks for listening everyone

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Well, i hope you can keep on top of the overall gambling issue
Golden advice i always give to my pupils is, play to your budjet, and not to your level, as it can get you way out of your comfort zone very quickly.

If i would play at my level, i would be cycling at ~1000ped per hour hunting, and thats simply not sustainable, nor necessarely enjoyable :)

I have no problem being at a level away from commando for months, and shooting my Z12 everyday ~ this way, i dont really need any gear nor depo, dont get frustrated, and can enjoy every bits of the game still 😄

On the social point of view, everyone is just different.
I dont think that theres such thing as a “clique”, only people with very different reasons to click the PLAY button.

I know that if i go in the game, i want to shoot stuffs all day without really looking around, while some others have no problem standing around and chit chat while doing nothing, etc etc.

Maybe its not too worth worrying about what people think or say, but to shrug it all off and concentrate on what makes you happy?

In the end, home is what you make it :)


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It's good that you got the gambling issue under control, it's always admirable when someone takes steps in the right direction, especially when it negatively affects their life, it's never an easy thing to do.

With regard to your reference to an "in crowd" ... our community is pretty open and welcoming to everyone, and I've seen that over and over in our in-game chat channels, including when you first arrived in Toulan chat, and also when you started being helpful, even while learning about Toulan since we did so much improvement with development. They are also welcoming at the forum.

We were excited for you when you got your Toulan apartment recently and some of us went to visit it, we welcomed you into the VCAT Team at the forum, as well as a Toulan Volunteer Mentor. I've seen it acknowledged in Toulan chat that you are helpful, and that it is very much appreciated. The collaborative event that you are doing with DBug was also acknowledged, not only at the forum, but in the game, and I even posted a link to the event at the forum. As I mentioned in DBug's Scavenger Hunt event thread when you said "I wished my part of this collab got the same love as this one haha xD" ... DBug is hosting part 1 of the event, so his thread is getting more attention right now, and that several of us put a Like or Love on your thread already and to hang in there for a bit until you host part 2.

I'm going to respond below based on a recent exchange, and hopefully it will help to understand my role in the greater scheme of things, because it can get lost due to my closeness with the community and what my responsibilities are, but also because I work with some on a daily basis who help to evolve what our goals are with their amazing contributions.

As an official with the VS Team, I manage community and media operations and my role is very different than just being a player, which I was for many years, but my position is a "real" job, and I have an obligation and responsibility to the team. I also work with several volunteer teams, and a few individuals specifically who are extremely helpful with their contributions toward achieving our goals and vision for the community. I work on many projects that are quite time-consuming, but I check in with the community daily, and sometimes twice a day in case there are questions. However, everyone knows how to get in touch with me if they need to.

Due to the fact that this is a real job for me, I am always in work mode, even when I'm in the game, because there are things I need to get from the game that relate to several of the projects I work on, but while I'm in the game, I am also quite busy not only in our chat channels promoting our 3 locations, managing events when they happen, answering questions, and behind the scene with PMs from players asking for help, or questions that only I can answer, so it takes up a lot of my time, which is why I am quiet in chat sometimes.

With regard to the forum, I'm also a Forum Administrator, so my attention is needed in a multitude of places. I don't always catch posts as they are made, but I also don't put a Like or Love on every post either, no one does. I think we all form special connections based on interactions and involvement or engagement in the game or forum, and that's to be expected.

I am entrusted by Ant to stay tuned to the community to get a pulse on what's going on and where we need to pay attention. Even while I'm in the game, I am in and out of screen because I need to multi-task.

I can only speak for myself and say my time is very limited, but I do my best to give attention where it is needed.

Just continue to do what you're doing with the community because I know it's appreciated. Relax and enjoy your time in the game and at the forum, or on Discord when you engage and don't worry so much about what you're getting or not getting, because I know the community doesn't work like that, they are welcoming and will give feedback along the way when it moves them ... we've been with them for 6-1/2 years now and they are simply amazing. It might also help to consider that some of the relationships in our community have been built over a period of years, it wasn't instant, but relationships are like that, they are nurtured.

I will personally thank you for what you are contributing to the community, so keep on keeping on ...

Mungo Baobob

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I for one feel like the planets player community, and planet partner community (dme basically lol)...has welcomed me with open arms, in ways no other planet has. Socially the chat is very vibrant and inclusive, perhaps your just looking for something deeper? Maybe join or start a society? If those are still a thing. Or get on a mothership crew the crew I am with is very active and has a dedicated chat channel. Maybe your just looking for more personal depth than our planet chat and activities provide?

Heidi Stassinopolis

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Speaking as one of the many lurkers on chat I only really join in chat if something interesting is being talked about or somebody needs help with something. I'm like Eleni I tend to go do my own thing and don't go out of my way to chat...

Having said that we have all been interacting with each other since VS took over Toulan so maybe there is a level of chat that doesn't always make sense to newly arrived players? I don't think there is a clique as such and maybe you just need to give it time and before you know it you will feel more included? if that makes sense. Maybe you should start a soc?

Anyway hope you are still enjoying Toulan and will stick around


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Hey RJ :)

Don't be sad, you have hit the forum like a whirlwind and are doing great.
It's lovely to see players like you throwing yourself in at the deep end when it comes to community stuff.
Remember it's early days for you here on Toulan, and it'll take a bit of time to build up your social following, but it will happen.

With regard to the gambling side of Entropia, I would suggest playing with a cheap eco gun on low end mobs and no armor. That's what I used to do when I ran out of money (Which was a lot 🤪 ) If you give yourself a tiny budget and try to make it last as long as possible this challenge becomes a game in itself.

I think the stuff you're doing with Dbug is great, keep it up and this will go from strength to strength.

Incidentally, we may not be very prolific posters here, but the VS team are always reading and taking all your suggestions and help on board. It is really important to us that players keep us on track and focused, and even if we don't get involved in the conversation, we are listening and learning all the time.

On the topic of Cliques. I've never been a part of one and I don't understand them so I can't help with this 🤣.
But in fairness I don't know if I'd even notice if there was one. I think maybe I'm not one of the cool kids 😎

Keep happy and don't worry too much.
From the movie "field of dreams" If it you build it they will come :)


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I know how busy you and Ant are behind the scenes Kendra, and that you guys have even more limited time than I do, but I also know that you both pay attention to the Suggestions and Feedback from the community, as well as any reported bugs, and do your best to get fixes in with each VU release and Patch.

The behind the scenes work can get quite busy for all of us, and it's not always easy to balance time with everything we try to accomplish, but we always do the best we can, and manage to come out in the end more than ok.

The community is a great support, and it's why we've been able to do as much as we do. :thumbsup
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