Interplanetary Boss waves round 12!


It's that time again! :yay:

On Saturday 23rd October 2021 2000ma time we start to assemble. We will summon from Calypso at 2030. Please be present at Athena Spaceport (although you can join in at any point if you don't need a flight).

Anyone can join, we will be providing free flights there and back. All mobs are shared loot.

We are honoured to be once again collaborating with Wrench and the Crowbar Crew, who will be hosting a Mini Sage event on Monria in the hours Prior, do feel free to join in with either or both events! Mini Sage link

Starting from Calypso we warp to Monria! Virtual Sense Dev team have set up a whole epic boss spawn waiting for us in their specially created boss waves area, we know they mean business when it comes to bosses and always bring the pain! Then we Warp ( or there is a convenient TP if you prefer that!) To Calypso where we will be coming face to face with the biggest Mob in game - The HUSSK!* Once we have destroyed him, we await our fate on Calypso at a different location, where the MindArk team will unleash waves of Calypso bosses, some of which have crushed the 100+ raid force previously, so be ready!

If you would like to join just come along to Athena to be added to the guest list, or drop me a pm that evening if you are joining from elsewhere.

See you then!

Extra info -

  • The area where the space boss is is not pvp. Gunner rights will be extended. Quads are a useful weapon.
  • Please bear in mind this is supposed to be fun No one is making any money here.
  • Other warp ship providers are also welcome to join to with their own ships, and carry anyone we miss/cannot fly with us. All are welcome on the wave spawns
  • Parts of Space are loot-able. Although we will of course be doing our very best to keep everyone safe, if there are lots of people there might be quite a lot of chat going on. Please bear this in mind and be responsible for keeping yourself safe ie consider leaving loot at home/ don't be afk in space/watch force carefully.
  • It is your responsibility to accept the summon, we cannot wait around too long. All those who start on the guest list will remain on it until we arrive back in Caly, so no one can be left behind as long as you accept summon.
  • I recommend having a vtol/quad with space thruster, so that you can fly to the atmospheres to save yourself the 7 ped tp fees. Or buddy up with someone who does.
  • All levels are welcome - but some of the mobs might hit hard. You are welcome to come and just do what you can We are aiming for waves and shared loot, so everyone should have some fun with it.

* A private individual- very good friend, alongside an anonymous team unrelated to any of the HUSSK/PK politics have worked hard to get all the samples and make this Boss Waves HUSSK possible, we have no grievance with any of the socs who may have had conflicts there previously, all of you are invited we just politely ask that this stance is respected and we can ensure a fun event for all :) (there will be no item split)

Pics from previous events (the first ones showing what to expect with this Monria/HUSSK/Caly set up :)



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Thank you Bonnie and JBK for bringing yet another epic Boss Waves Event to Monria and beyond, it's always so much fun. Thank you also to everyone for the feedback, we always take that under advisement. I will be having a chat with the team to see what we can do to improve upon the experience.

The turnout was so great that you guys really kept up with the mobs and I don't think I ever saw Shub-Niggurath go down so fast, LOL ... it was amazing to watch it all play out. Was nice to see that MA Official Live Support Zeus joined us to add some field healing, and as I mentioned in Wrench's thread, MA really brought the pain during the Calypso portion of the Boss Waves Event, wow ... such a variety of mobs and so many of them at once, they definitely kept you guys busy.

I enjoyed being in and out of screen watching your stream as well, you always do an amazing job. Thank you for bringing your army to Monria for the Boss Waves Event, and to all those who helped to coordinate it. I know you were a bit nervous, but you truly have a gift for making it all come together. :thumbsup

I'm excited that the next Mini-SAGE and Boss Waves Event will be on Toulan in Dec 💜 ... when you know the times you'll need for the boss waves to occur, let me know and I'll arrange it with Ant. We took the feedback from last time and are doing some tweaks.

Can't wait for Bettley's video. :jumpclap

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Thanks Normandie, Victory, and all you guys for organising this and turning up!
While i usually get a lot of lags, it was surprisingly much better this time, minus a major crash when the husk started.

And next time il try read the threads better, not to do a Monria>Calypso>Monria trip for nothing :D
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