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Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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Hey all,

I think this is a good opportunity to introduce you all to the person behind Dark Moon Enigma but first a little history.

When I first saw the opportunity for Monria, I felt it was an opportunity to do something unique in Entropia Universe and to create an environment where the community is central to everything we do. For this reason I engaged with a long time friend, someone I have a huge amount of respect for and a person that I trust implicitly. This person is also someone who has experience in EU. I had two conditions:
  1. The individual be bound by confidentiality as I wanted the community to be built from the ground up with new players and not to be focused on any eu 'public persona' or history.
  2. The Avatar used would be a Monrian born Avatar (official marketing avatar) used for community management, promotion and role playing.
I have decided to remove the confidentiality bind. So I'd like to introduce the person behind Dark Moon Enigma, you can find out more about her here.

On a different note the last few weeks have given me some food for thought and reflection so I'm reviewing how we interact with the community. We will also as a team be getting back to focusing on growing and developing Monria and we appreciate everyone who has and continues to support us in our efforts.

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