Juvenile TT hunt with a twist


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I want to get a little team together for a TT hunt like the old opalo days, and at the same time promote my new soc.

Mainly aiming at the newer hunters, but all are welcome, I'll be making a team on Friday the 7th of May at the Guardian Village east entrance, on Toulan, please bring your own weapon and ammo, and to tempt you, I'll be giving 2ped shrapnel out to everyone who loots 10 ped of stackables.
I'll create the team at 19:45 game time, looking to start at 20:00. You can't miss me, I'm usually in full St.Patricks day outfit.

Lets assume you get at least 80% loot back (which is low assumption) and then you get 2ped given to you, it becomes a free hunt.

And you can use it as an opportunity to tick off a couple of the dailies.

Shout out to Monria, you could come on the Yamato first drop on Friday, and join the hunt, and fly back on the second flight.

Whose up for it, give me a shout here or in game, Kirk Kinkie Hotwood. If I get some interest, we'll do it again next week.
(Any new new players without their own weapon or ammo to join in, see me in game).

I'll be streaming it too, shout at me if my mic is too low again :)
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We got 6 or 7 join the team, given it was a bit of a pick up group, but all who attended had fun.
Maybe a pick up group is the way to go, but I wouldn't mind getting a couple of names in here, so if you know anyone hunting juveniles anyway, let them know please.

We'll do it again on Friday coming, the 7th. Updating #1 post.
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