Karmoosh Aleef (pet)

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I used my key i got when the new pet got added to hunt the mob a but.
I've been hunting all mobs a bit just to see if a certain UL item might drop from them.
Here is what i looted.

TabTab Hide: 0.69 PED
Animal Hide: 6.82 PED
Shrapnel: 357.10 PED
TWEN Token: 0.00 PED
Rotten TabTab Tooth: 16.00 PED
Basic Leather Extractor: 1.44 PED
Animal Oil Residue: 170.83 PED
Animal Muscle Oil: 230.19 PED
Rifi Armor Arm Guards (M,L): 11.56 PED
Advanced Mineral Extractor: 0.37 PED
Sada Armor Helmet (F,L): 13.50 PED
Weak Cloth Extractor: 0.85 PED
Advanced Wood Extractor: 0.33 PED
Focus Lens Component: 13.00 PED
Socket 1 Component: 13.00 PED
Sada Armor Helmet (M,L): 13.47 PED
Advanced Leather Extractor: 0.18 PED
Rifi Armor Arm Guards (F,L): 6.13 PED
Strong Cloth Extractor: 1.06 PED
Paint Can (Green): 0.84 PED
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