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The following information on the Karmoosh Aleef was provided by Alaina Bonnie Knight who was successful in taming this rare pet and has it tamed to level 7 already.
Awesome, super Gratz to Bonnie, keep up the good and informative work on Youtube and Twitch :)

Do we have info on the Skill level and whip required to tame the Karmoosh Aleef?

I have 2x Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key - Solo in storage and would like to do the mission without going in blind like we did when I tamed some Karmoosh Lateef pets with my Society friends in The Ministry in 2018.

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Some elements after my failed attempt on Karmoosh Aleef 3 months ago (this information was posted on the Discord channel at that time):

1) Your presence in the instance is limited to 3 hours.
1) Karmoosh Aleef is a level 5 creature. It has a strong health but makes minimal damage.
2) Its health rebuilds extremely slowly (probably around 4 hours to regain its full health).
3) You will need a whip with high increased dominance (Boiga Modified or Habu Improved). I used a Boiga Adjusted with 4% increased dominance and it was not enough for one attempt (nearly so but not enough).
4) Most probably, you will only have one attempt at the end of the 3-hour period. Therefore, you should have a powerful taming ring.
5) I don't think it is necessary to be a high-level tamer to succeed. Good strategy + powerful taming ring + whip with high increased dominance are key in my opinion.

Good luck!
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so it's a hunting buddy, but not much of a taming buddy since it has so low pet and taming passive?...


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Ok, just some further info.

I entered the instance, prepared with whips and ring, and started taming. I am currently a lvl 13 Animal Tamer. I got the message that my taming skill was not high enough, so a higher taming skill is needed. What exactly the level required is I cannot say. After running back to the exit, the tower killed the Aleef I started taming and which was following me. ( I did this to immediately try and save time with the hope of a respawn to re-enter when my skill was higher. After exiting i re-entered the instance, and a new Aleef spawned, so currently i believe they do respawn if killed. I exited the instance again, however the clock for the instance keeps on running down even when outside the instance.

So even though this attempt was a complete waste of a key, hopefully others can learn from my mistakes and be more successful.

Best regards, Hof and Uber to all,



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Auch, im sorry that happend, asking around you could have gained this knowlegde thou, before the changes i was there with others and anyone at less then lvl 20 had this message. Also i know of no one without top end gear and skills that succeeded.


Awesome, super Gratz to Bonnie, keep up the good and informative work on Youtube and Twitch :)

Do we have info on the Skill level and whip required to tame the Karmoosh Aleef?
Thank you! I did record a stream on trying to tame it but was before the update, dont know if it has changed. I was using some really optimised equipment ([Eurynome Ring, Unique] etc) and still had fails, im tamer 22 and still considered low, if that helps!



I see the last post is from quite some time ago and I was wondering if someone can confirm what's been said above or add something new.

I wasted my key a long time ago because my taming level was too low. I've tried to find some information on how to get another but couldn't.

I read in Toulan chat comment the recommended taming level is 30, is this right? Also, is correct what WangXiang suggests, will I need a powerful ring? Are the whips he mentions the best option and which one is best?
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